"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 9 December 2010

speckled platypus

no idea; just sounded good.

today, as you know, i was up early & didn't need to be.  it worked out okay, tho.  i went to starbucks for a latte, and to work at 8, which was nice since i had a meeting at 8:30.  we discussed our committee's plans for christmas decorating & our luncheon & white elephant exchange next week.  we also dug out all the christmas decorations & put the tree up in the breakroom.

of course, inevitably someone drops a glass ornament!  and of course no one knows where a broom & dustpan are!  lol  i finally found our facilities manager & he sent someone w/ a dustbuster to clean up.  : )  

the day went pretty well.  my friend mel joined us for lunch, and it was sooooo nice to hang out w/ her!  i had an uber-productive afternoon, which was spiffy!  of course, there were some issues to be resolved, as well, but they made the afternoon go fast.  heh.  

it started to snow pretty, big flakes on my way home after work!  didn't accumulate to much & we didn't get the freezing rain, thankfully.  i met mom & the boys at jen's & we met jen at the mall.  the boys got haircuts, then leyton saw santa!  

i couldn't take a picture of leyton WITH santa, because they were selling pictures & said we couldn't take them.  what a crock!  what a rackett!  bah.  anyway, santa was really impressed w/ mr leyton!  he was a good santa's helper, too.  might've actually been THE santa - you know he likes to make appearances as himself sometimes at malls & things?  usually he's too busy, but sometimes places get lucky.  and i'm wondering if this was one of those times.  he was tall, and very well-groomed & authentic!  he got out of his chair to come over & tell us a cute leyton story.  that was so sweet!!  : )  we played around a little & then went to los agaves for delicious mexican food!  : )  i forgot to take a picture.  poor, neglected food blog, i'm sorry!  i did get a couple cute ones in the car on the way to the restaurant, tho... leyton has these glasses, and i put them on & grinned at him, and he said, "why don't you take a picture of yourself in the glasses, aunt carrie?"  

so, i did.  then, i handed them back over to him & he fiddled around a bit & then said, "okay, i'm ready!"  

LOVE!  look at that huge smile he gave me, too!!  : )  

i'm so happy to get to spend time w/ him, and anthony, and that jen hung out w/ us tonight, too!  i like it much better when she & mom get along... 

i'm also happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!  depending on workload, i might take 1/2 day of vacation, because i really need to get some packages mailed out!  and i don't really want to get up early on saturday again to get them put together before going to the PO!  *laugh*  so i figure if i get them all packaged up friday afternoon, or evening if i don't leave early, then i can just scoot to the PO later saturday morning & send out the LOVE!  

saturday the weather is supposed to be icky, but i'm praying it'll skip us!  because i wanna go look at christmas lights w/ mom & leyton, and i don't think we'll do it if it's icky out!  then sunday is grammy's christmas!!  *bounce*  i can't believe it's so close already!  

what's your weekend looking like?  are you going to decorate?  mail out cards?  or are you already done w/ all that?  do share!  *hugs*  love you & TTFN!  


  1. I love those glasses. Too cute.

  2. Mr. Leyton IS THE CUTEST but so are you in your smile and stars!!! ;) i love leyton's stance before he meets "the real" santa ;) darling!!! isn't being auntie the best?!

    i mailed out most of my christmas cards today but i'm waiting on some stuff from etsy to come in *cough* for someone very special ;)

    i posted about the WONDERFUL package you surprised me with! seriously, you are a gift giving goddess and it means so much to me. one of my highlights of this rollercoaster year was meeting you. I should send a thank-you note to Postcrossing ;)


  3. teehee, thanks! love the post about all your christmas wonders, and you did a good job photoing everything! i wish i was that good, but i'm always gone when the light is the best. lol

    and we should both send them a thank-you, i wonder if they ever get those?! : )