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Monday, 20 December 2010

dreaming of snow and postcards

oh, wait, there was ACTUAL snow, and i received 3 postcards in the mail today, so i wasn't really dreaming of them.  i did have an interesting dream, however, in which i think my subconscious was trying to tell me that i have a thing for tall men.  (well, duh, subconscious.  i know that!)  the cute guy in line at kohl's (not gordmans as my FB status stated saturday night, whoops!) was TAAAALL.  my brother is 6'5" & dude was taller than him.  i truly must not want to date, tho, because i only flirt with unavailable men.  i don't want to lead anyone on.  but then it's not really that thought out!  *laugh*

anywhoo...!  work was nice today, altho i didn't get even 1/2 of what i wanted to done.  but there's tomorrow, and it will all still be there waiting for me!  lol  it was an awesome time in the pod, tho.  my wall-mates played christmas music all day.  sweeeeeet!!

my evening was quite unexpected, totally not what i had planned!  well, first of all, it wasn't supposed to snow until later today, and so when it started at 8 this morning & didn't show any signs of stopping by noon.  so i texted my former helper bee that we might need to reschedule.  then the snow & everything stopped at like 3, but of course by then she'd already made other plans w/ her bf.  can't blame her for that!!  *laugh*

it worked out, tho, because of course God knows what He's doing!  trish's daughter (and my friend) megan needed a ride home, and she works at HQ.  so i picked her up after work - after i scraped the accumulated snow off chloe, of course.  i called in for thai taker out.  the plan had been to stop at adolph's before picking meg up, because my wall-mates were talking about tacos & that sounded realllllly good (still does)!  unfortunately, i missed the turn.  d'oh!  so, i got pumpkin curry and a diet pepsi and a mt dew for meg & then took her home.

when i got home, i texted w/ joyums a bit, and then jen texted to see if i was in or out.  i said in (i was reading The Dead & The Gone), but then bret wanted to go to WM, so i told her we could pick up food for her on the way home.  we had fun at WM!  got some groceries, and i forgot to pick up my Rx.  whoops!  spent $30 less than we thought we did, woot!  : )  we picked up some wendy's & then dropped that off at jen's.  leyton answered the door & i got a kiss from him, so if i needed payment (which i don't) i'd take that!  : )

before we put the groceries away, bret helped me clean out the freezer & fridge.  i reallllly should have done that years ago.  there was stuff in there that expired in 2009?  that's bad!  why wouldn't i have thrown that away before??  i have pruned my fridge often, but there were just some things that for whatever reason i did not want to throw out.  it ALLLL went tonight, tho, and i feel good about it!  PTL!

: )  now it's time for bed, but before i go i'll share with you today's postcards.  lovely!!

 i just think the inukshuk is awesome.  like stonehenge, and the pyramids.  ancient peoples built things that last forever-ish, out of all natural materials, and for great purposes.  not to take away from the talented architects of today, but really - ROCKS, ppl.  rocks.  (and also, rocks, as in "it rocks"!)  

 from japan.  so cute!  and they even drew me a little turtle!!  love the extra efford!  also, pretty tape.  : ) 

from france.  i wanna go to a Christmas market!!  : )  

i hope your monday was terrific, and that tomorrow turns out to be even better!!  : )  TTFN!

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  1. When I lived in Germany we use to take school trips to the Christmas markets all the time and they were so beautiful and just so much fun. I wish I could do that again now that I am older! I bet I could find all kinds of amazing things!