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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


bret & i are watching transformers.  i love this movie EVERY time.  and also - josh duhamel?  yes, please and thank you!  ; )  

today was such a nice day, even tho we overslept and bret was 10 minutes late.  happily, i still made it in at 5 til 8.  : )  i was swamped all day, worked on vacations.  processed over 80 vacations!  tomorrow i have to audit claims & process them, which i'm thinking might take all day, but we'll see.  depends on how many emails (almost 200) and phone calls (13) i have!  heh.  it all has be questioning taking all next week off... but not questioning enough to change my mind about it!!  i love my job, but i need to refresh for sure!!  

at lunch i read a bit of The Dead And The Gone - this story is so amazing!  i think i'm going to attempt a book(s) review once i finish the third one.  

i'd once again planned to stop at adolph's on my way to pick up megan, but then mom called to see if i wanted to go to osaka.  oh yeah!  : )  she picked me up after i took meg home.  i forgot to take a picture of the tuna steak, but it was beautiful.  unfortunately, i didn't remember to say "no onions" and so everything had onions!  so, i didn't enjoy the meal as much as i could have.  and i don't think i'll be ordering the tuna steak again.  next time i'll stick to salmon or moo cow steak!  it was very nice to hang out w/ mom, tho.  we discussed next week - mall of america came up as an alternative to chicago.  i'd be okay w/ that, too!  we'll see how it plays out, tho.  

what else?  bed sounds good!  : )  oh... received this postcrossing of the supreme court in DC via a gentleman in seattle.  

THERE's where i'd like to go next week!  but it's too long of a drive in the weather.  pooh!  *laugh*

anyway, happy tuesday & here's praying for a FABULOUS wednesday!  after tomorrow, i am blessed to be off til january 3rd.  woooot!  i know it's going to be crazy when i get back, but worth it, i think.

take care & ttfn!  : )  

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