"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 5 December 2010

fast day

today was just that, quite fast, because i went to bed at 9:30 last night & slept til about noon today!  i watched Human Target & then headed over to jen's to watch the boys.  leyton & i played w/ his cars for a bit & then he had to go down for a nap.  i played on my phone & made nachos for myself & anthony, anthony played his violent video games (cage fighting & wrestling), and i wished that i'd brought my People to read!!  heh.  

leyton got up at 5 & he & i headed over to my house so jen could borrow my internet.  we played w/ his lego sets, but sadly jen's computer wouldn't use my internet.  weirdo.  oh, when we got out of the car after arriving at my house, leyton ran up the steps & i told him he could go right in because bret was still home so the door should be unlocked.  he said, "i can't!  i need help.  i'm dying in this cold!"  LOLOL  he is sucha card.  : )  

now i'm watching What Would You Do? from friday - one of the storylines is about a teen telling his parents he's gay & them reacting badly.  ppl comforted him, that was a good thing to warm my heart!  
next will be A Holiday For Love.  i <3 Melissa Gilbert & Tim Matheson!  : )  and michelle trachtenberg is in this, as well, sweeeet!  i think i've seen the end of this several times, but never the whole thing... oh, the delight of christmas movies!  : )  

really, i've only been up for about 8 hours, and i could go back to sleep, tho... i'm forcing myself to stay up til at least 10.  i don't FEEL sick, which is usually the only time i go to bed super early.  but then i wondered, when i woke up at 8 & knew i'd slept for 11 hours, and only wanted to go back to sleep - am i getting back into a depression?  i hope not!  i don't feel like it.. .but i didn't feel like it in october, either, and then all of a sudden i broke.  hopefully having that experience has helped me be more aware, but then why did i want to sleep all day today??  

maybe it's just the weather.  it seems like it went to COLD superfast!  like, it was all spring-like, and then we only got a couple days of 40's & then BAM SNOW AND FREEZING TEMPS!  *laugh*  

anyway, i'm off to fix a drink & watch my movie & maybe play this crazy game called Snakes on fb.  oh, games.  lol  i can't believe tomorrow's monday already!  oye!  

ttfn  - hope your sunday was relaxing & that your teams won whatever sports they played today!  ; ) 


  1. I went to bed last night earlier than I do on a week night and I usually hate when I do that! It makes no sense to sleep earlier on the weekend than on the week days! But I guess that's just our bodies way of telling us we need to rest! I slept in this morning until noon! I hardly ever do that ever and it actually felt really good to get that much sleep. Except that I skipped church :( And I skipped last week too because I was SO tired from Thanksgiving Break. I had a good day today - I FINALLY cleaned my house which so badly needed it! I had a huge lunch at my parents house :) And the Cowboys won! SO exciting! I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already :( Last week was CRAZY busy at work - I'm hoping for a calmer week but I think it will just be crazy until Christmas. I hope you have a great week!! I loved all the pictures, esp. that first one of Leyton! How adorable :) Your photos always make me happy :) I love holiday movies too! Lifetime is showing an original movie tomorrow called "Sundays at Tiffanys" based on a book by James Patterson. I can't wait to watch it! I loved the book!
    I hope that you aren't getting depressed Carrie Marie :( I completely understand though - here lately I find myself feeling a little emotional for no reason. This too shall pass is what they say right? If you ever need anything, someone to talk to etc. I'm ALWAYS here for you!!! I love you!

  2. i am crossing my fingers for you too that its not a depression! no fun! because I LOVE YOU! and i miss reading your posts. not sure why i was away so long! cause i just love you!

    i hate that it got so cold so fast too! it seems like people all over the world got slammed with winter all at the same time! craziness!

  3. *HUGS* you both are spectacular people, just in case i don't tell you that enough!