"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 4 December 2010

s-s-s-saturday! saaaaturday! (edit)

in my head, that reads like an elton john song.  "saturday night's alright, alright..!"  and also, i think of mr. peanut, because i'm pretty sure planters used it in a commercial.  LOL 

welcome to my head on a saturday!  i am up too early.  seriously, i got up at 8.  my PLAN is to turn on some hulu & start packaging gifts.  i'd like to go to the PO around 11, wait in line (i know) and mail some of them out. i don't have enough boxes to mail all of them yet, tho!  i didn't think about that when buying presents.  d'oh!!!  after the PO, i'm going to pick up lunch from subway (i think) & snuggle back into the house.  it's snowy out there, peeps!  (you know, you know...)

anywhoo, i'm sure i'll have more fun or randomness to share later!  i just wanted to say hey, bloggy buddies!  

ta-ta for now!  *bounce*  

not a lot more randomness to share, altho i would like to say hi to kate!  *waves*  welcome!  : )  

i did make it to the PO to mail 4 packages - to 2 ppl.  LOL  everything wouldn't fit in one box or one package, and my other boxes were too big, so i just said to heck w/ it & send them both 2 packages.  hope you like them, ladies!  was very happy not to have to wait in line too long - there were about 6 ppl in front of me, but most of them just wanted stamps or to pick up a package.  

i picked up subway for lunch - did you know they have a deal going on right now that you can get a 6" cold cut trio, veggie or meatball for $1.99??  how sweet is that??!  very yummy and cost-effective!  *laugh*  got to chat w/ mom for a bit, & tell her about thursday's trip & kinda plan our trip to chicago a little.  woot!  i'm way excited to go back there!  : )  

and oh my heck it's cold!  i really want an egg nog shake, but idk if i want to go out into the cold to get it!  phil's supposed to stop by later, maybe i'll ask him to pick one up?  we'll see.  i think it's funny that i want ice cream when it's cold - bret just said he wanted ice cream, too, so it must be normal.  LOL  ah well, i'm changing into a sweatshirt!  hoodie, even.  

we finished angel.  the last season, though i like it, is kinda disappointing.  not like buffy - with buffy, they spend 3 years establishing the family & then season 4 they kinda break apart for a bit, but they get back to normal family again, and come together for the final season.  angel, they spend 4 years establishing a family & then spend the last season ripping them apart.  :(  it's a GOOD show, but just ... sadder than i like my endings, ya know?  it's true - i'm happy ending girl.  

now we're back onto season 5 of buffy.  i was watching CSI, but i can finish it tomorrow.  : )  



  1. Thanks for letting me in on Subway's deal - I love that place, but don't ever go because I think it's so expensive for a cold cut sandwich! So that's a great deal! :) You know what's crazy? I don't think I've ever really had egg nog! haha I need to try it this year! I've never watched "Buffy" or "Angel" either - but I LOVE David B. in in "Bones"!!! I knew you were a happy ending girl! :) So am I!

  2. gotta hurry for the deal - it's only around til the end of the year!

    and you should totally check out buffy and/or angel. joss whedon is a creative genius, and both shows are imbued w/ his trademark humor. and soap opera-y-ness!