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Friday, 31 December 2010

end of an era

tomorrow will be 1/1/11.  the beginning of a new decade.  well, depending on how you look at these things, i guess.  some ppl count the new decade on the 00's and some on the 1's.  i'm a 1'er, obviously.  my reasoning for this?  well, we start counting with ONE.  so, to me, 2000 was like the number 10.  2011 is starting over at 1.  : )  

anyway, this has been quite an interesting year, 2010.  i've both gained and lost ppl i love.  i've been stressed beyond belief.  i've been happy beyond measure.  it all evens out, really.  but i'm going to focus on the positives!!  

one of my favorite things about 2010 is that it's the year leyton got to start spending the night with me on a regular basis.  we get to hang out, have conversations, watch A LOT of thomas.  lol  it was the year of the road trip with him & mom, as well!  



Amazing what a year can do, eh?  : ) 

i've met new friends through postcrossing and the blogging world.  i've gained a new roommate, and been given opportunities to help.  : ) 

for 2011, i have goals, but not really.  *laugh*  i mean, i would like to have 20 blog followers, and finish my leyton book.  i'd also like to somehow get into food reviewing for reals.  i know my menu blog is just kind of a hodge podge, but i think it'd be neat to actually get paid for reviewing restaurants!  heh.  i hope to get healthier, to continue losing weight and get back on track with my food journal.  (i ran out of room in the book i was using shortly before christmas, and haven't been keeping track for the past two weeks.  i've still been trying to make wise choices, but i tell you what - actually WRITING DOWN everything you eat does give you a clearer head on the matter.  so, i have a new journal and i will begin using it tomorrow.)  i want to be a better friend, to make sure i'm available whenever someone needs to talk.  i want to spend more time with my aunts & uncles & cousins.  i want to get to know each of them better... i have so many, some get back burner'd, and i'd like to make time for more of them in 2011.  

so you see, there are goals, but they're not quite ... idk.  *laugh*  

anywhoo - what's on your agenda for tonight?  are you going to party it up?  are you like my friend corey & going to multiple parties?  or are you just going to stay home & snuggle up to a good book/movie/kids/hubby/pet?  as usual for me, i'm doing a little bit of everything.  *laugh*  i'm meeting becca at osaka for dinner, then stopping by my B's to deliver hugs & gifties, then coming home to watch Inception & probably go to bed before the ball drops.  : )  (now that i've said that, i'll probably be up til 3.  oh well, i can sleep in tomorrow!)

today has been really good so far.  leyton got up about 7, but he let me sleep til 8.  : )  i fixed eggs & sausage & cereal & pudding (he was hungry!!) & we watched Thomas & just hung out til about 10.  
and of course there was couch jumping... *giggle*  

then we went to target, and taco bell for lunch, and gordman's.  took us forever to get out of the gordman's parking lot, too.  ugh!  oh, and when we started out this morning, it was BRRRRR and rainy.  by the time we left the last store, it was nearly 60 degrees out!  nutty.  *laugh*  we picked up some food for jen & chatted w/ marianne & went home.  

whew!  i can't believe it's only 5 o'clock!  i could go to bed right now!  : )  


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  1. Leyton has my heart! :) Such a cutie!!! I wish more than anything my nephew lived near me. I would be the same cool aunt that you are and have him stay the night with me all the time just to hang out and have fun together! I think that's why I love Leyton so much. When you talk about him and the joy you feel it mimics my own when it comes to my nephew :) I know we're not supposed to have favourites out of our nieces and nephew, but I do! haha Mikey (my nephew) was the first born, first grandchild and from the day I met him we have had a special connection. Glad I got to chat to you guys the other day over my lunch :) We should def do it more often! lots of love! xoxo