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Sunday, 26 December 2010

...and on an unrelated note...

i'm okay w/ bret choosing to sleep on the couch instead of in his bedroom because i understand that the couch is more comfy (still working on getting a new mattress in the guest room).  but when you fall asleep at 8:30 in the livingroom, that doesn't really leave me a lot of options for sitting!  lol

ah well, i'll likely be heading to bed pretty soon myself, because i'm pretty tired!  (edit: instead, i put in Star Trek & stayed up a bit longer *grin*)  i actually slept a lot today!  didn't get up til after noon, read People while bret watched more Lost.  cleaned off the car & stuff, then went for a drive.  i was going to the mall to check out after christmas sales, but decided i didn't really WANT to go to the mall.  *laugh*  i did want to check out the prices on kohl's christmas ornaments, tho.  so i headed up there, stopping at kwik shop for a DP & petrol for chloe.

and then my windshield was hit w/ flying something-or-other & my windshield cracked!  :(  not a little crack, oh no.  huge, mocking SMILE across my whole windshield!  botheration, i tell you!  i called state farm right away & they are having the repair place call me in the morning.  of course my deductible is in play here (which it was not for the whole deer situation), but i'm just thankful that i HAVE it.  God is good, alllll the time!

anyway, after all that rigamaror i decided to just pick up some subway & come back home!

tomorrow, mom & i will be road tripping to KC, to bring bret & misha to Onething.  idk what mom & i are going to do in KC... guess i should do some research while i watch Star Trek.

don't forget to enter my contest!  : )  ttfn!

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