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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

ready for bed!

Thankfully, after the turn in scarytown - and really, it wasn't THAT scary lol - we gave up on finding the IHOP event. I did see the beauty of the city! There's some really neat architecture... Most of my pictures, as you'll see when i get home to upload, are quite blurrily pretty. Heh

once we determined we werent finding the venue, we decided to go to the movies. We saw a theatre over by staybridge.. It was an AMC, and really cool. The movie was How Do You Know and it was definitely differen't!! Mom & I both liked it. : )

after the movie, we picked up fazoli's and came back to the hotel to eat and watch the telly. Mom likes 16 And Pregnant... Then I got to pick - food network! Now I'm thinkin it's bedtime! Lookin forward to some kc bbq for lunch before we hit the road! Ttfn

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