"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 30 December 2010


i finally got to see Despicable Me & oh my heck, it's ADORABLE!  : ) 

before that, there was PIRATE COW.  seriously, leyton loves the chick fil a cow, and i do, too!  it's so cute and whoever's in the suit does a great job interacting.  

 "i'm going to play, guys!" 

 love this expression!  and those are skull & crossbone candies.  

 pirate cow approaches 
 and then the cow tapped leyton on the shoulder... LOL  he was so surprised he slipped out of the chair & on his butt.  he was fine, tho, and laughing.  : )  

we had SO MUCH FUN and once again, the word that comes to mind is just... THANKFUL.

i'm also thankful for this beautiful journal micaela gave me.  it has scriptures throughout, and i am going to love writing in it!  : )  

i hope your evening went as well.  


two cute leyton stories... i gave him the pens & chocolate that micaela sent for him, and he immediately said, "can we call caela to say thank you?"  awwww!  later, while we watched our movie, i pulled up her FB, and said, "see this girl here?" and he asked, "is that caela?"  when i said yes, he shouted, "THANK YOU CAELA!"  : )  

i called georgette to chat about her upcoming wedding (Saturday!  exciting!), and she told me a story about her dog catching a rabbit.  it made me laugh, leyton asked why i was laughing, so i told him, and then he wanted to talk to georgette.  he said he wanted to be a dog for halloween & pretend to eat a rabbit.  ROTFL.  seriously, this kid cracks me up.  

ta again!  ; )  


  1. I just LOVED Despicable Me! :) It wasn't even really a cartoon I really wanted to see, but I watched it one evening with my parents and it was EXACTLY what I needed to watch that day (it was during my car troubles and I was feeling bummed). It was absolutely adorable! I just love Agnes, she reminds me of my youngest niece Sophia. And the little cat puppet story he told melted my heart! I def shed some tears while watching it :)
    Speaking of adorable - those photos of Leyton are my favourite yet! And that's pretty hard considering I love them all :) I love the one of him and your mom sharing a kiss! Your mom seems so sweet :) I HATE not having a Chick-Fil-A where I live. The closest one is an hour away. Whenever we have to go to Dallas we always want to eat there :) it's like a treat!
    Thanks for sharing those sweet Leyton stories! SO CUTE! Micaela will be so happy when she reads this post :) just darling! xo

  2. tanks, marianne! btw, leyton was really happy that you said hi to him! he loves hearing marianne & micaela stories. lol