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Friday, 17 December 2010

secret santa, dreams, mail, mail, mail!

well, dream first - april was dressed as a MLP, one of the original five, whose name i knew in the dream but can't think of now.  she was pink.  i'm not sure why she was dressed like that, i didn't get the sense that it was halloween.   she had arrived at my house (which was the foreclosed one) after holly/jessica left.  holly/jessica was there visiting for vacation.  that whole thing was weird - idk how someone can be two ppl at once, but she was.  and all of this was happening after a mary dream, where she made me get ice cream from a rest area KFC.  KFC always provides ice cream in my dreams.  odd, i know.  

bret had to wake me up, too, because the dreams were so long and involved!  we both made it to work on time, tho, good times!  

work was fun!  the morning went super-quick because i had all this fun vacation stuff to do.  *laugh*  then we had our meeting/lunch/gift exchange.  oh my heck, i needed all that laughter!  it was HILARIOUS!!  one of the managers made a jib jab video (you know, the Elf Yourself ppl?) featuring himself and the other managers as dancing, surfing elves.  i wish i could show you, it was priceless! : )  

the food was delish mexican.  the gift exchange was hecka fun!  i drew #6 (woot!).  when it was my turn, i went up to the gift table & picked a bag which contained a winter hunter's cap w/ ear flaps, furry lining & all.  a co-worker sitting at the table next to me really wanted it, and so when her turn came around, she stole it from me.  i then stole a snowman cookie jar from another co-worker, The Edge, which was stolen from me by someone else.  meanwhile, when i stole it from The Edge, she got to pick something else out, and she got a yankee canlde thingy.  it was stolen from her by marty, and the reaction was lots of fun.  so then when the jar was stolen from me, i immediately went over to marty & stole the yankee candle thing, making it "safe."  i did it purely for the reactions (which were all i'd hoped they would be!  teehee!), planning to give the set back to marty after the exchange.  : )  (oh, and the hat?  was stolen by the person w/ the last number, to be given to his gf.  LOL  d'oh!)  

this afternoon was fairly uneventful.  just a lot of work work work!  : )  oh, i got my yankee candle order in, and also the order from something else (school fundraisers, both).  i used the nifty snowman box my secret santa gave me & put some christmas candles in it for marcie.  she liked!  then i finished a batch of vacations & worked on some photos for the rest of the afternoon.  and had some chips & salsa.  heh.  

tonight was our HR christmas party as well.  i really wanted to go & was excited about it - until i heard that bret was going to a hockey game tonight & i could have the house to myself!  it was no contest, because homebody won out over partygirl.  *laugh*  i had been looking forward to catching up w/ my helper bee, tho, who is back from california for a couple weeks to pack up all her stuff & drive it back out there.  i texted her to tell her & we made plans to do dinner next wednesday.  woot!  

so, i came home & watched two episodes of burn notice, an episode of GH & a couple episodes of OLTL.  and pretty soon it will be time to SLEEP which you know i like!  *laugh*  before i head there, tho, i'll share some happy mail w/ you!  :)  

from germany

from russia (not really enjoying the snake!)

from NY 

from april

from annapeach  : )  the snow & moon SPARKLE!

hope these all made you smile a bit!  they definitely made me smile.  TTFN!!  


  1. okay so i know that i have been saying this for a long time now, but i am going to send you a post card from st. george soon. and i am going to slc for christmas. i will probably send you another one from there too. be on the lookout.

    love you to pieces. seriously.

  2. *hugs* thanks, corey! you know i love mail in any form - comments count! ; )