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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

christmas blankets!!!!

have i mentioned here how much i love blankets?  (lol  i know i have.)  especially christmas blankets!  i was on the hunt all last month, and was so disappointed not to find any at WM.  i have one on my bed, and actually i have two on my bed.  well, one is christmas-y & the other is snowmen, so more winter-y than specifically christmas.  but as you know, i can never have too many blankets.  plus, christmas presents!  

anyway, i found other blankets.  some i really like - the fall ones from WM, and the ones w/ pillows from WM, so WM didn't completely disappoint me!  heh.  but those are all gifts.  i wanted some blankets for ME ME ME! 

tonight i found them!  after work (where i stayed 45 minutes later than i'd anticipated) i thought about going to subway for a $1.99 cold cut sub, but then had mostly decided to just go home & fix meatballs or something.  or PB & jam.  then jen texted to see if i was still out & if i could pick up some stuff for her.  i stopped at subway after all, since i was driving around the parking lot waiting for her text telling me what she needed.  then into WM i went to pick up her request.  not a big request and certainly things i could bring for her & the boys.  : )  then, as i was walking, i spotted... 

CHRISTMAS BLANKETS!  the exact ones i was looking for!  : )  

God is good!  AND they were only $5!  *snoopy happy dance*  

so, i picked some of those up & jen's stuff & then headed over there to deliver.  got lots of hugs & kisses (from leyton, not jen, lol).  i picked up the mail before heading home & it was a happy mail day again!  *beam*  two more books that i'd ordered arrived, christmas cards from aunt sharon & uncle terry & amy & ed, my car title, and a receipt for a charitable donation.  woot!  

{placeholder for pictures later}

i watched an amazing glee, i must get the soundtrack.  they picked some of the best christmas music!  and the episode was really really sweet.  i didn't even mind that it was a contrived, out of the normal mode kinda episode, because it was like a christmas special, and those have different rules.  *grin*  i also got to catch up on The Event, which is realllllly getting awesome!  i tried to talk w/ april, but only got to say hi, really, and then mom called w/ some crisis or another - actually, it was jen's crisis, because she'd texted mom to see about getting some help, too.  it's nice to help!!  but, april, i'm sorry we didn't get to chat longer!  i really wanted to hear about what was going on!  maybe tomorrow?  

ummm... oh, also had LOTS of lovely notes from corey & micaela & marianne.  *HUGS*  love you three!  you always brighten my day!  i say it often, but the Lord has blessed me w/ AWESOME friends and family, and i am so grateful for each & every one.  it was nice to talk to mom, even tho it was crisis-mode, but i asked about meeting for dinner tomorrow night, knowing she'd be right by my house when she drops leyton off, and she... she didn't say no or yes, and that kinda hurt my feelings.  it was like she couldn't decide if she wanted to hang out w/ me or not.  even after i said we could go to subway for their deals, thinking maybe she was hesitating because she didn't want to spend a lot of $$ (i mean, we ARE (Lord willing) doing a pretty lengthy (4 days) chicago trip in a couple weeks, so i understood that)... anyway, i know she didn't mean it like that (i'm pretty sure?), but... yeah.  intention doesn't always matter in feelings-land!  

i'm really okay, now, it just hurt at that moment, and then something else happened that made me feel bad, too, and i put something about it as my fb status & then my cousins & becks wrote some kindness & made me feel better!  kindness goes a loooong way ya know!  

not much else to share today!  oh!  there was a BEAUTIFUL pink & purple sunrise on the way to dropping bret at work this morning.  i did not take pictures, but ... mmm.  !!!  kinda a crazy day, work-wise, thus the staying 45 minutes later than i anticipated.  i'm getting tired of cruise directing, i think.  i might step down for a year.  i love it so much, but it seems like the majority of the team is kinda over all the things i do for them (birthdays, team lunches, secret santa, christmas games, boss's gifts...).  i got ZERO response to my christmas movie game, which really disappointed me.  (there's that word again - disappointed!)  *sigh*  

tomorrow my goal is to be out on time, tho, no matter what i have left on my desk!  (or, rather, what i have to lock in my drawer for the next day!)

BUT - happy thursday, peeps - can you believe it's already thursday??  take care & be aware & ttfn!

oh, also, here is a blog you should check out.  this guy is right on the common-sense train about what's going on w/ our government.  he has such a good point - we work hard for OUR money.  it's not greed to want to keep the money we EARN by WORKING.  oye.  i don't talk about politics much - or try not to - because i really don't think there is one right party and one wrong party.  it annoys me, the mudslinging and stupidity that continues on BOTH sides of the fence.  when it comes to taxes, however, i gotta say... this guy's pretty right on.  so take a look if you'd like, and let me know - whose money do YOU receive at the end of the week?  



  1. i had a lot to share for not having a lot to share... LOL

  2. carrie, i just love you! i have an obsession with blankets too! i have like a trillion!

    and yes, the glee christmas special was so cute! britany is adorable!

  3. yes, brit! and the coach! oh my heck, she really IS santa claus!!!