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Thursday, 16 December 2010

spell check

so, all of a sudden, my computer thinks it needs to spell check me.  and i HATE spell check.  i mean, i like it at work, because i certainly want to make sure i'm writing properly in emails or whatever there.  but here at home, i don't want the squiggly red line every time i make a mistake.  i can catch them myself, most of the time, and if i don't... well, it's okay.  *laugh*  also, when i don't capitalize things like thursday or christmas, the little red lines are SO ANNOYING!  how do i turn it off??  it wasn't doing this last night.  *cry*  anyway, if anyone knows how, please let me know.  

today was a pretty good day!  other than the weather, the stress, missing one of my bff's (and ironically getting her christmas card in the mail TODAY making me really miss her!)... *laugh*  but really, those things just were, ya know?  like, they didn't make for a bad day.  i enjoyed my day and LOVED most of it.  but i'm going to share the stressy parts, too, of course.  : )  

so, weather.  well, first of all, bret woke me up to tell me he didn't make the list today & wasn't going to work,  i asked him to shovel a path for me & he started the car for me, too, anyway.  so that was nice!  but i left here a little after 7.  normally, that would get me to work at 7:45-ish, accounting for slower traffic & moderately bad roads.  i got to work at 8:30.  yes, you read that correctly.  it took me an hour longer than normal!!!  the bridge was a parking lot as was the Avenue.  crazy stuff!  thankful that i made it there okay, tho.  : )  

my morning was pretty much all consumed w/ secret santa stuff.  my wall-mate really helped me out a lot, and marty did as well.  i'm so blessed!!  after all the orders were sent to me, i called them in to jimmy john's & then made sure the boss called them back to pay.  very nice of him to thank us in the way of delicious food!  i was able to get some work done btwn ordering the food & time to set up the room...mostly timecard help for some peeps.  and phone calls/IM's.  and oh my goodness the questions!   some ppl just seriously have no sense of appropriate timing.  i am obviously busy and they want to ask me about having five or ten minutes to discuss things that aren't even going to matter until the new year.  thankfully i understand how their minds work, so i'm able to navigate fairly well - but it's still STRESSY to have to deal with.  ya know?  yeah... 

then, tho, it was secret santa time!  i set up the room w/ a little help from a couple peeps, set out my christmas cups for everyone - i haven't decided if i'm making more for the whole office or not.  we ate lunch, and chatted, and then did the reveal & final gifting for ss.  i had the same person as last year & she said she liked all her gifties.  i liked all mine from my ss!  i'll try to remember to take a picture of all the gifts, but you know how i like to forget stuff as that.  *laugh*  anyway, day 1 was a mini snowman snowglobe, day 2 was a turtle statue whom i've named spike because he's got nobbies on his legs, day 3 was a santa cloth bucket w/ a diet A&W, and then today was a bag full of stationery items (hooray!), lotions, and a subway gift card!  sweeet!  thank you, santa!!  

after lunch i had to buckle down to get vacations done, along w/ even more phone calls, IM's & annoying interruptions.  please note, not all interruptions are annoying.  even if i'm extremely busy, if someone is coming over, calling, IMing because they have someone on the phone or in the office requesting something & they need help, i'll stop whatever i'm doing & help them straight away. anyway, meg IM'd me to say that trish was out shopping & said the roads were still pretty bad.  this was a little after 3, and i knew i HAD to be home by 5:30.  so i asked to take an hour of vacation, finished what i could of the vacations & headed home at 4.  

i'm grateful i did that, even tho the roads weren't as bad as they'd been this morning, because it was nice to still have a little daylight left to drive by.  my windshield kept getting horribly messy from all the yucky stuff getting kicked off by other ppl's vehicles!  

mom picked me up around 6, then we picked up anthony.  mom was already frazzled, and then we got stuck in the lot at jen's apt complex.  well and truly STUCK.  like, i had to get out & push the van stuck.  yeppers.  UGH.  now, this wouldn't have been so bad, except for mom's mood.  which i did my best to not allow to get ME in a mood, but it was hard.  i totally understand her mood - she'd already been stuck 3 other times today for goodness sake! - which doesn't always help me react well.  i think i kept my head pretty much, except when she came out & yelled at me for slamming her door, which i did but not because i was upset... i just am used to having to put a little more into closing my doors!  and i was a little annoyed.  so those two things probably seemed like a "slam" to her, but honestly she didn't have to react quite so negatively!  then she about bit off the lady's head at steak & shake where we went to pick up dinner!!  the speaker must've been bad, or her headphones or whatever cuz she made mom repeat the order 6 times (not exaggerating) and mom kept getting more & more (& MORE) irritated w/ the situation.  and then my baby burger wasn't even correct.  (and i left my soda in her car, & phil & leyton brought me home so she got to drink it!  lol)

happily, she was in a better mood later tonight.  because leyton's program was ADORABLE!!!  unfortunately, i didn't get very many pictures, and the ones i did manage aren't good at all.

(still, i share them... LOL)  i love love love how his halo looks like a sweatband on him!  lol  after the program, we went to a cookie & punch reception, and the pictures got better.  *laugh*  

leyton was in a GREAT mood, and everyone said he did a really great job (cuz, duh, he did), and his teacher had to stop jen to tell her how she enjoys talking w/ leyton.  : )  *points to self*  proud auntie! 

and now, bedtime!!  or just about.  gotta send a couple emails & whatnot first, as per usual.  tomorrow is our white elephant exchange at work, and a luncheon (yummy mexican, i think), and then the christmas party is tomorrow night.  i'm hoping to make it!  i haven't been for the past couple years, but they are a fun time & i'd like to go this year!  just thinking about the hors d'oeuvres is making me hungry!!  (*pause to eat the last piece of pumpkin bar*)  oooh, and leyton might be spending the night saturday.  and grammy's christmas is sunday, then 3 days of work & then a whole week & a half off!!! *bounce*  of course, mom just told me we might NOT be going to chicago, depending on the weather. *pout*  i pray for good weather that week!!!!  cuz i have been looking forward to visiting the outlet mall.  : )  

i hope your day went well, and that friday is MARVELOUS for you.  *HUGS*  ttfn, party peeps!!  

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  1. i wish i knew how to help you turn off the spell checker! ah i can see why it would be annoying.

    so glad that today was a better day! i love ss! my office is doing one next week, and I am so excited! :)