"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 13 December 2010

seriously? ugh.

i have some issues, which i can't talk about, because some ppl feel that my personal opinions are not supposed to be made public.  but let's just say that sometimes, ppl SUCK!  and sometimes those ppl are ppl we like.  and sometimes they are in positions of power and should think before they do things.  ugh.  

anyway, there are slightly irritating things going on, but i will perservere & pray through & count on my good friends to keep me from flying off any deep ends.  : )  thanks, good friends!  

i really need to get to sleep, but just thought i would share.  or, semi-share?  idk.  i was at work quite late & then i came home & read some (still so awesome, loving this story A LOT!), and bret went to a friend's house & i watched the most hilarious Psych episode starring ralph macchio (sp?).  yes, THE karate kid!  i snorted, several times, that's how funny this episode was!!  i *heart* this show anyway, as you know.  : )  i also watched Human Target & there were some snort-worthy funny moments in that, too.  oh, and before bret left, we caught up w/ vampire diaries (thank you, again, april!!!) which had its funny times.  and intense times, oh my goodness!  but bonnie & company trapping elena in the house was just funny.  

aaaand.  happy mail from my aunt vickie, in the form of a nice christmas card.  i'm doing badly about scanning those in, maybe i'll just do a whole collection later?  that seems like it might be a good idea.  heh.  caught up on some blogs & looked at micaela's wedding pictures on FB.  GORGEOUS is all i can say about them!  breathtaking bride & groom & twinkie & family & ... *beam*  

tomorrow i have a crapton of things to get done, as today was taken up w/ over 150 photos & then a two hour meeting.  i don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow that i can think of... so i should be able to get claims & vacations done.  i hope!  i'd also really like to get some memorial requests done.  i got another thank you card in the mail.  i think it's so sweet of these families to take time and write the company a thank you card.  i think it's just a classy move on their part, and it makes me feel like sending the memorial is really appreciated.  it makes all the work i've gone thru and continue to go thru to make sure everything's kosher at all the various units/areas worth it, even if no one else understand just how important a piece it is (which i'm sure they do...).  

anywhoo!  i really do need to sleep.  it's creeping up on midnight & i'd like to get bret to work on time in the AM!  : )  take care & i hope your mondays were better than mine!  (really, it wasn't a bad day.  i know it sounds like it, i'm just a little grumbly about certain parts of the day, but all in all it was very blessed, AND i got to play Elf & deliver secret santa pressies.  THAT was fun!  also, i got to chat w/ sarah on da phone and dat is always nice. *bounce*)

take care & maybe tomorrow i'll have some stories!  like how pancakes got their name or why waffles don't taste the same even when it's the same batter.  (i'm kidding.  sort of.  i wouldn't tell you a story about waffles. well, at least not a terribly long one!)  

ttfn!  i'm starting to get loopy!  ; ) 


  1. i need to get to bed but can i just say that your SWEET comment about my wedding photos made me BOUNCE HAPPY! ;) sooo precious!

    i am so sorry that people (even those we like) suck :( i hope it gets better and with prayer i believe anything can be! :) God listens to our hearts.

    snorting-- i snorted thinking of you snorting because snorting means HAPPY TIMES! :) lol

    can't wait to hear your stories! :)


  2. LOL you made me smile, micaela, thank you! it's been a rough week/month/3 months?! but you're right, God listens to our hearts & IT GETS BETTER.

    i might have to go look at your wedding photos again. : )