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Saturday, 25 December 2010

turtles for christmas

I know i've said it many times lately, but i do hope you're having a very happy christmas!!

Mine has been good so far. It's weird, a bit, to have this "new normal" without daddy. It's been 5 christmases without him this year. And i am not bringing it up as a "poor us" or anything. We are so blessed, and daddy is with the Reason for christmas! It's just aother milestone.

Phil and the boys picked me up around nine, and we had lots of fun opening presents... Except Anthony, who played the sullen almost-teen, and wasn't really enjoying his gifts! so, i only have a couple good pictures of him smiling... 

Leyton, however, was super excited, and actually phil was pretty excited about his presents, as well.  and anthony & gramma are going shopping tomorrow so he'll get to pick some stuff out that he really wants... 

I actually got more than underwear, which was a total surprise! This summer when we went to the zoo, i saw these really cute quartz stone turtles and mom remembered them and surprised me with them!!  and fuzzy socks.  :  ) 

time to go to aunt sandy's for christmas!  
christmas was terrific!  : )  lots of fun with the cousins & the aunts & uncles!  amy & jenni who are both out of town & don't get to hang out w/ the family very often, got to hang out w/ us tonight.  woot!  aunt vicki (vickie?  why can i never remember how she spells her name?! it's not that hard!) gave amy a few of her Peanuts books, which made her quite happy!  

 uncles & phil
 aunts & cousin amy & cousin jenni
 cousin tree!  phil, matthew, amy, me, ben in the back; johnna & jenni in the front
 anthony, leyton & naters 

lots of family photos, tho i missed some of them because we didn't get there til 4:30 & photos started at 2.  d'oh!  but leyton had to take a nap so he'd be able to play!  : )  

great food spread, as always!  everyone has a lot of fun picking out food, and i'm no exception.  of course i tried to be good, and mostly was... : )  only one plate & not too much snacking "off the plate" ya know?  i did eat one more toffee than i wanted, but they were goooood!  

and of course, the white elephant exchange.  leyton ended up w/ a garth brooks dvd box set, i ended up w/ some goofy avon stuff from grammy's white elephant exchange (LOL) and mom got a ladybug thing that no one knows what it actually is, but amy added chocolate, so at least it was tasty! heh!  : ) 

i hope you didn't get bored of all the pictures!  i know most of them aren't fabulous, but i wanted you to feel like you were there, part of my family's celebration of the birth of our Savior.  : )  i love spending time with my family!!  

then, when i got home, i had some happy mail!  a lovely postcrossing from finland: 

and my christmas present from matthew, which was super sweet even tho i already have it thanks to my dearest april!  (it was SMK season 1.) : )  and also my g&e bill, which was slightly less happy.  but i'm thankful i have the money to pay it!  

it was a wonderful, blessed day, and now bret & i are watching one of my christmas presents from mom, transformers 2.  : )  

i hope with all my heart that your christmas was just as happy, even more so!  : )  tomorrow i plan to sleep in, hang out, read People & watch some movies.  and maybe see what after christmas sales are out there.  lol  what're you up to??


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  1. Love all the beautiful family pics Carrie Marie! I loved that you made me feel like I was there :) I def would have loved to have been, your family seems so amazing! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas darling xo