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Friday, 10 December 2010

hey, that's cheating!

i went to lunch today w/ trish & her family.  we went to burger king.  one of our topics of conversation was playing cards, or more specifically cheating at playing cards.  heh.  and just now on buffy, spike had a line, "hey, that's cheating!"  made me laugh, anyway.  

today was an okay day, in that "things are insane" kinda way.  i processed 73 photos this morning, then got an email w/ 120 more (along w/ a couple other emails w/ one or two photos)!!!  oh my heck, and that batch of 120 was just from ONE area!  not even just one unit, but one location!  eeep.  i had a meeting about doing a mail merge for my memorial letters, but after 1/2 an hour of meeting, it was finally revealed that creating a mail merge won't create separate documents for each letter, so that won't work. darn it!  have to stick to the old fashioned way of doing each one separately, i guess.  heh.  i did leave at 4:30, though.  i was just DONE!

i was going to take some vacation, but had to stay to receive my treat delivery.  a retired co-worker is an AMAZING baker!  i ordered zucchini bread, brownies & pumpkin bars.  YUMMIE!  the pumpkin bars will make it to grammy's christmas, but i'm thinking the brownies ... won't... lol  

after work, Arthur's!!  baked potato w/ veggies & a liverwurst sammy.  mmmm!  : )  i brought bret a potato, too.  when i got home, i asked if i wanted to go see the new Narnia movie, so we did.  it was really enjoyable!  the effects were some of the best i've seen, just beautifully done!!  

umm... so yeah.  today was mostly a good day, but then something happened to get me down, which i dislike quite a lot, but can't do anything about.  grrrr.  i just hate when things are perceived one way with no regard to anything.  i hate when it happens at work ("you're doing an awesome job w/ your work, the stuff we actually PAY you to do. but so & so feels that you're in the bathroom too long sometimes, or take too long of a smoke break.  even though as far as i know that has had no impact on your work or customer service level, and i always hear great things about you from others, and regardless of the TRUTH, i have to ding you for that person's perception.") and i hate it when it happens w/ friends or family.  bothers me, but again one of those things i can't really DO anything about since it is someone else's perception.  :(

*sigh*  anyway, Lord willing everything will work out & be on a kosher keel again soon!!  

i'm off to bed.  i would like to get to the post office tomorrow morning, but we'll see what happens!  hope your friday & the start of your weekend is AMAZING!  : )  ttfn!  

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