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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dude (edit) !

*bounce*  day 1 of 11 days off in a row!!!!!  

i still had to get up early, tho, to take bret to work.  but the sunrise... oh, the sunrise!!  so worth it!  : )  i used to really hate the color pink.  like, i didn't want anything pink - i didn't even highlight things in pink, it bothered me so much.  i've since gotten over that, thankfully, and when i look at the pinks in the sunrise and sunset... God is a super-cool Artist!  ; ) 

came home & instead of going back to sleep i put Human Target on Hulu & read some blogs & did some FB stuffs.  i love HT, the whole style of the show, the cast, everything!!  it's like White Collar in its cadence (love that word, apparently).  so, if you like Neil Caffrey (and I know there are some of you out there who do - Marz!), check out Christopher Chance.  as an added bonus - he's also handsome!  ; )  

okay, i had more to write (when do i NOT have more to write?) but anthony just called to say they're hungry, and since i'm bringing them food... i should get on that!  lol  ttfn - more stories later today, as long as i can actually get on the computer later today... yesterday we (*ahem*) were watching Lost on the computer... and also i went to bed way early after finishing The Dead and The Gone and starting This World We Live In, where the families from the first & second books come together.  Interesting & SO RIVETING so far!!  

okay, really, ttfn!
i finished This World We Live In & will review the series hopefully tomorrow or this weekend sometime!  

misha was working at subway when i picked up sandwiches.  :)  bret & i stopped in this evening, too, and i got to see her hard at work again.  i'm so proud of her!  

hung out w/ the boys, which was fun!  leyton has the cutest "old man" PJ's!  i think the ones from this weekend had planes, and today's had Cars.  love it!  

i brought anthony subway & leyton mcdonald's, and after lunch leyton was to take a nap.  he was throwing a fit about sleeping in his bed, but was okay w/ making a pallet at the foot of his bed, on the floor - after he fell into the toy bucket, which was really funny, but only because he didn't get hurt!  anyway, so we read a story & he napped.  well, when mom got home she was all pissed off that i'd let him sleep where he wanted to.  that irritated me, because he was fine, he slept, and isn't the point that he has a nap, not where he has the nap??  yeesh!  plus, i remember when i was little, i loved cubby spaces, too, and would make nests for myself in a lot of odd & different places, taking my pillow, blankets & stuffed animals!  

anyway, while he napped, i read & watched encore episodes of OLTL & GH.  then when he got up it was play time!  

mom & i were going to see Tron & go to dinner, but decided to wait til tomorrow.  hopefully the weather won't be too bad... 

so, not really much in the way of story telling, but the pictures are fun, right?  *laugh*  and i totally lost yesterday... i think work went alright, just way busy, and megan kept doing a countdown, which i think makes her feel better, but it just made me feel like the pressure was on to GET THINGS DONE since i couldn't stay late!  *laugh*  oh, and after i dropped her off, mom picked me up & we went to osaka for dinner.  i wasn't that keen on the tuna i ordered, tho.  :(  i hate when i order things & don't like them!  i love to try new things, but i guess it's a risk i take for that enjoyment, right?  

bother.  *laugh*  

anyway, tomorrow is christmas eve, and the only plans i have are to sleep in, hang out w/ mom, and get the family gifts wrapped.  oh, and also to hopefully read my people magazines, since i finished my books!  : )  i hope you're all having a very merry, totally happy christmas so far, and safe travels for those of you doing so.  *HUGS*  take care and TTFN!  

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