"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 31 December 2010

HAPPY 2011!

just a quick one!  i'm watching Inception, which is so good, but so confusing!  *laugh*  no, that's the wrong word.  i understand what's happening, i'm not confused.  it's just ... complicated plotting.  *laugh*  and i have this niggling in the back of my head that the end is going to have some sort of "aha" or major confusion, which i think is messing w/ my mind.  

so i think i'll go to bed & pick it up in the morning.

tonight was FABULOUS!  God is soooo good!  : )  waiting for becca at the restaurant was a little nerve-wracking, as everyone & their sister were out at osaka it seemed.  i found a little pocket of space & stood as still as i could til she came in the door.  dinner was wonderful & i'm always so happy to hang out w/ becks!  also happy to hang out w/ dawny & my B's!  i stopped at mom's to use the loo on my way out to the country, and leyton was in the tub.  heh.  i chatted w/ them for a few minutes.  aunt carol is going w/ mom to KC this weekend to pick up bret & misha!  hallelujah!  i'd decided not to make the trip because i'm still tired of being in the car!  *laugh*  but i didn't really feel comfortable w/ her going on her own (not for any reason - i travel by myself all the time, so i know it can be good!), so when i heard aunt carol wanted to go, i said a quick prayer that it'd work out.  

funny (interesting) sidebar - mom & carol are twins, but they've never been on a trip alone together!  so i really really really think this'll be good for both of them!  

*ahem*  so, after the pit stop, i made it to my B's.  the party was in full swing, but i had some visiting time w/ boo, bran, bay, dawn & brad.  i don't think blake was home (work) & bub was being the host w/ the most.  : )  the girls & brad & dawn opened their presents & really liked the blankets, journals and coffee, hallelujah!  it seriously gives my heart a lift when ppl enjoy the gifts i give!  (anthony didn't enjoy any of the gifts i gave him for christmas, and it ripped a hole in my heart.  *sigh*)  we just hung out for awhile, catching up quickly, and then the convergence of ppl... and bay brought some ppl in to play apples to apples, which i'd never played/seen played, so i watched for awhile.  

i had a sense of lots of ppl, but i was sitting on the loveseat by dawn, and i'd been in the fam (family room) for awhile and was fairly comfortable.  i played the game of not looking left & i was okay.  (if you don't know, and idk how often or if i've mentioned it before, my eyes don't work together.  so, when i'm focusing with one eye, i can kinda shut out what's going on w/ the other one.  it's like i see everything because of my excellent peripheral, but if i want to, i can ignore what i'm seeing.  for instance, i'm looking at the screen w/ my left eye, but i can see the movie as well w/o moving my head. and my right eye sees jana's photograph and part of my door, but unless i think about it, i don't really "see" them.  is that too weird?  it's just my reality, so idk.  anyway, as long as i faced my cousins who were all to my right, and looked at them w/ my left eye, i could block out the ppl piling into the room to my left.)

then, rather suddenly, something caused me to look left & i noticed all the ppl in the room.  oh, i think someone came in & dawn asked them for the time.  after that, i only lasted about another 10 minutes, because i'd seen all the ppl!  which is really quite sad, because honestly i was having a really grand time, and the apples to apples game was FUN, and i'd just been debating if i could stay til midnight.  

ah well, the time i had with them was blessed, and i'm grateful for it!  

and now, i'll leave you with an Irish blessing for you in 2011:  

May neighbours respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And heaven accept you.

ttfn - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  :  )  


  1. And also one more, which I found whilst Googling Irish Blessings... They say it's from Saint Patrick's breastplate.

    Christ be with me
    Christ before me
    Christ behind me
    Christ in me
    Christ beneath me
    Christ above me
    Christ on my right
    Christ on my left
    Christ where I lie
    Christ where I sit
    Christ where I arise
    Christ in the heart of every man
    who thinks of me
    Christ in the mouth of every man
    who speaks of me
    Christ in every eye that sees me
    Christ in every ear that hears me
    Salvation is of the Lord.

  2. Happy New Year Carrie Marie. I hope you have a wonderful 2011. I know it will be great! I too watched inception. Unfortunately, I could not understand it. Not my fav.

    I love that you are so honest on your blog. It is very refreshing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. There were definitely parts I didn't "get" so don't feel bad! : ) And thank you!

  4. I didn't know your mom was also a twin :) How special!
    What a neat gift you have with your eye sight :) Very unique! I'm glad you had fun at the party even if you didn't stay until midnight.
    Thanks for the Irish blessings darling, right back to you!

  5. Marianne, I just love you! Thank you for calling it a gift. You are too sweet! *HUGS* (Yep, it's taken me practically a week to get to my comments, oh dear!!)