"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

miss a day, miss a lot!

i am so happy to be able to share with you today!!  : )  yesterday i wasn't on at all - well, other than what i could do from my phone.  heh.  monday was quite busy and quite interesting!  mostly taken up with claims, since it was deadline day, and then vacations because i hadn't gotten to them on friday since i was mostly working on claims!  also yesterday, i received my first phone call thanking me for a memorial for a retiree.  i'm so happy that our company does that - sends memorials to retiree's families after the retiree has passed away.  i think it's a classy thing to do, and it makes me proud to be a small part of that.  however, taking the phone call hit me, since it was so unexpected, and i about started to cry!  

i actually left on time yesterday, because i had to go to hy vee & then watch the boys.  so, i headed out to my car.  our parking lot was a sheet of ice, but i was wearing rubber-soled shoes w/ grippies.  still, i was walking fairly carefully, and then i opened my car door & BLAMMO!  fell right on my petukis!  and lemme tell you - OUCH!  but thank God i didn't try to catch myself, and i did land on the padded area of my butt rather than like my tailbone.  still, i sat there in shock & making sure that nothing was broken or bleeding - and also trying to figure out how to get up when it's *ahem* slippery.  and also praying that my phone wasn't broken (it wasn't).  so i was finally able to scrabble my way up and gather my stuff just in time for a co-worker friend to see me & ask if i was alright.  heh.  i said, "i think so!"  

then i went to hy vee, despite my now-wet skirt and aching body!  i'm really just so thankful that i didn't break anything.  i remember when mom broke her arm while walking - she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk & used her arms to try & break her fall, which is why i DIDN'T try to break my fall at all.  anyway, i wasn't even really that sore, i didn't think.  i went home to put groceries away & eat a quick meal of chips & cheese & a balogna sammich.  heh.  i was in a hurry!  

i headed over to jen's & hung out w/ anthony for awhile til phil got there w/ leyton - he'd taken leyton w/ him to volleyball, i guess.  we all played for a couple hours & then it was bedtime & the usual bedtime shenanigans ... but they weren't too bad!  just leyton wanted to watch the tigger movie & anthony didn't want to watch it, and anthony kinda tries to bully leyton... *sigh*  i really hope they get a 3 bedroom soon, because it's just not good for either of them to have to share a room.  i mean, it's nice for brotherly bonding & whatnot, but anthony is 12, and leyton is 3 1/2.  and so the movies and games that anthony wants to watch or play are okay for him but not so much for leyton.  and the movies that leyton wants to watch - over & over & over again because that's how he learns as a 3 1/2 year old (hello, anyone wonder why teletubbies is so popular?) - cause anthony to become annoyed.  *sigh*  and trying to determine what's "playful" play and what actually needs to be broken up.  i think i'm pretty good at it, at least!  years of experience.  *laugh*  

so, jen got home last night a little after 10 & i got home before 10:30 & i went STRAIGHT to bed.  literally, didn't even turn the computer on or anything!  *laugh*  and i had a very nice sleep, with a very nice dream!  well, it was a little weird - bowling w/ oprah & ellen, then driving behind this truck that had a baby in the back, and it wasn't strapped in very well, so i thought it was weird.  so i stopped the truck & then i was riding in it w/ the baby & it was inside.  we stopped at this manor house, kinda like the house in Ever After, but in the middle of texas.  i was going to babysit for the family, but then i met this guy who was like a younger horatio caine.  mixed w/ someone else.  i knew at the time who he was a meld of, because i remember thinking about it specifically.  now, of course, no idea.  lol  

suddenly, i was awakened by, "Carrie?  sorry to bother  you, but my car won't start."  and so i got up about an hour early & took bret to work.  i opened a diet pepsi, but didn't have time to fix anything to eat & i was so hungry!  and then i left the DP on my desk.  whoops!  i got bret to work about on time, took some gorgeous pictures, got hardee's for breakfast & headed to work 1/2 an hour early.  : ) 

first thing i did was write a note to our safety & building managers regarding the parking lot & my fall.  i find myself getting sore today, as the day wore on especially.  ugh.  :(  everyone was really sweet, though, making sure i was okay & everything.  and the work day went well, mostly worked on photos & gift requests & ... that was really about it!  the photos have piled up since my helper bee left, and they take awhile to work on when ppl can't seem to send them the way they're supposed to be sent!!  *laugh*  ah well.  at least looking at photos is fun!  : )  

when i got home tonight, after finally figuring out what i wanted for dinner (taco bell - and a holiday pie from mcdonald's) bret made cookies - yummy chocolate minty cookies that i bought from leyton.  SO DELISH!  then i scanned in all the fun mail i got yesterday.  

book 1 in a series about the moon being hit by a meteor & being knocked just the tiniest bit awry.  and the havoc it causes.  can't wait to read it!! 

postcrossing from katie in connecticut.  she took this picture herself & made it into a card!  <3 

postcrossing from oregon 

beautiful birthday card from dear micaela!! this made me smile so big! 

she also sent this box of cards, w/ one of my favorite Scriptures, interestingly enough.  : )  
<3 ya lots!! 

also got my order from this site, of 10 postcards.  i love D's artwork!  take a look at her shop here, and let me know what your favorite is, won't you?  : )  

and i got notes from micaela & marianne that they received their packages today, too!  *bounce*  happy happy!  aaaanddd... i am forgetting things, i'm sure, like i wanted to post a picture of the beautiful bracelet i received a bit ago from april, but i keep forgetting to take one when i'm wearing it.  i'll get to it.  it's so pretty!!!  

i should get to bed pretty soon, tho, because i'll have to take bret to work again tomorrow & that means getting up 1/2 an hour earlier & that means ... tired carrie!  lol  so, i hope everyone has had a lovely tuesday & i'll chat at you tomorrow, Lord willing!  thanks for stopping by my little corner of the universe.  : )  <3 ya!  



  1. Thank you for making my mailbox SO happy today!!! :) This week has just been so rough and I can't thank you enough for the perfect timing (without even knowing it!!!) of your most thoughtful package. The journal is so, so beautiful and so perfect! I can't wait to use it. And the bookmark is just so inspiring!! I read your sweet messages twice! I just couldn't get over how sweet your words are. They really brighten up my day. I am lucky to have you as a friend Carrie. Thank you for spoiling me!! Your friendship is the greatest gift of all! I love you Carrie Marie!
    I had to bring work home with me today because I've just been swamped all day long at the office. I actually just got done with it and as a reward I got straight on to your blog :) SO sorry to hear about your fall!! I hope you don't feel sore for long. SO glad you're okay and that you didn't break anything. This morning both drawers of my filing cabinet at work slid open and since they are heavy with files the whole cabinet came crashing forward! Just my luck I had a glass of water sitting atop it and water spilt all over my papers. And a vase that I had as decoration shattered into a million pieces causing such a loud comotion! So that was how my morning started out today, so your package was much appreciated :)
    Those cookies sound delicious - I just got down eating a peanut butter and bananna sandwich because I was in the mood fo something sweet and that was the best I could find in my kitchen - sad huh? I need to go to the store soon!
    Leyton wanting to watch the same movie over and over again reminds me of my niece Sophie who wanted to watch Nemo over and over again when they were here last.
    Sleep well darling and have a wonderful day tomorrow despite having to get up earlier than usual again! Thanks again sweetie pie!

  2. oh my goodness! i'm glad YOU are okay, but so sorry about your vase! but at least you got a PB & banana sammich. i'm out of PB and don't have any bananas, and that sounds good!