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Thursday, 2 December 2010

unexpected shopping

hello bloggy peeps!  how was your thursday?  mine was quite fun!  i did get up a bit later than i'd planned, but it was a really good sleep!  i was all warm & snuggly in my bed, and i would have liked to stay in it.  i got up, though, ate a waffle w/ some hazelnut cream cheese, grabbed a DP & headed over to becca's.  

we left about 9, but had to do some running around in the area before hitting the road to chicagoland.  we dropped becca's son's backpack off at her grandpa's, as that's where he was staying for the day, stopped at the bank, and got breakfast at mcdonald's.  the drive up was quite chatty!  becca's mom & sister had some interesting stories.  there were some ... arguments, as well.  family stuff ya know how it goes!  

the plan was to go to a big bazaar/craft fair at the race track.  so, we get to the track & the gate's closed.  i notice a sign that says "fair december 3, 4, 5 9-11" and ask what the date is.  it's the 2nd.  D'OH!  so, instead, we went to IKEA.  becca & i *heart* IKEA!!  : )  becca found christmas presents for nate's teachers, i found some awesome cards and some bowls in jewel tones.  i wasn't expecting to find postcards at IKEA!  we could have cheerfully spent all day in there, but alas our tummies called for food, and whatnot.  we were getting cranky after a fashion, so we checked out.  which actually made me a little more cranky, because the cards were all marked as $1.99, but some of them were ringing up at $5, and apparently they had been in the wrong bins... becca said i should have called a manager over & stuck it out til i got the cards for $1.99, but meh.  i figured it wasn't really worth the fuss - i bought two of the $5 variety & four of the $1.99, so that's plenty of cards, really!  

 loved these hanging lampshades.  my favorite is the white/gray in the top middle. 
 becca found this elephant for naters.  so soft & squishy!!  : )  and he loved it!

this library set up is how i would have mine if i could afford it - to the ceiling bookshelves, comfy chairs, and i really enjoy the wall of pictures!  i might do that one day in my hallway.  love the look!!

we went to weber grill for lunch.  i was silly & ordered a limoncello sangria because it sounded good.  and it WAS delicious, but i forgot that i really can't hold my liquor anymore.  

i took a few drinks (YUMMY) and then the rum kicked in & i could feel it.  which was okay, but i knew if i drank anymore i would not only be feeling it, but feeling SICK from it.  so, it was a $7 drink & i drank about $2 worth.  i ordered 1/2 a mushroom flatbread grilled pizza, and what i thought was going to be a grilled chicken cream soup.  the pizza was good, and the soup was good, too, but not what i expected & wasn't my favorite.  idk if "good but not to my liking" makes sense to anyone but me.  LOL  

and then there was dessert - pumpkin creme brulee.  oh my goodness THAT was wonderful!!!  : )  

we were going to the container store afterwards, but decided we were all too tired & ready to go home.  GREAT discussions on the drive home.  i really really love hanging out w/ becks & am so happy God brought her back into my life!  Thank You Father!!  : )  we listened to phineas & ferb, camp rock 2, and lots of other good music.  so much fun!!!!  

i got home about 9:30 & got a christmas card from aunt judy and my postcards from lisa chow.  beautiful!  i wrote out some postcrossings & watched some Angel & once again i'm up too late.  LOL  tomorrow will be busy - i made the mistake of checking my email to see how many i'd have to deal w/ in the morning... and some of the questions, from ppl who should KNOW BETTER, make me crazy!  they'll be fun to answer.  have a happy night/day & i'll have more stories tomorrow!  : )  



  1. Yummy! Grilled Chicken Cream Soup sounds absolutely divine! i bet that was so tasty!

    also, that elephant is absolutely adorable! so cute!

  2. What a perfect day!!! Can you believe I have never been in an Ikea?!? Looooove the library layout too! Oh if only my house looked like that! That elephant looks SO soft :) Your drink looks tasty!! I just can't believe how expensive drinks are! I use to never drink beer, but anytime we went out our tab would be SO high because of my mixed drinks (particuarly apple martinis! Those are my favourite!) so after getting tired of spending a fortune anytime we would go out (on drinks and cigs) I converted to beer since it was cheaper. After awhile I got aquired to the taste and could drink Budlight like it was tea! (makes me sound like an alcholic, but I wasn't I promise! Just a bit of a party girl!) I gave up beer on St. Patrick's Day of this year! And I hardly drink any liquor at all so I would have been feeling the same way as you after drinking just a little of that sangria :)

  3. LOL see - i should just stick w/ beer. i can drink almost a whole one, i actually like most of them, and it'd save me money! but i always get sucked in by the rum. rum is yum. (muhahahaha!cheesey rhyme!) oooh, or i should start ordering random juice blends and a shot of rum, and mix my own drink. i wonder how that would go over? btw, GOOD JOB on giving up the beer! it sounds like it would be a hard sacrifice, but i think i remember reading about it & why you did it, so YAY! plus, aren't marathons more fun? ; )

  4. corey - the soup was good, but it wasn't a cream soup, so i was kinda disappointed. lol i know it's more calories & whatever, but i just LOVE cream soups! : )