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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

hot waffles and eggs and bacon...

These are what I'm currently craving! We didn't get up til 11 so we missed breakfast downstairs. I had some popcorn after my shower, but waffles sound better! But it's lunchtime now so idk where we'll eat.

I'm so excited to see alll the awesome comments on the giveaway! Are YOU one of them?? Lol

that's all i got for now. I know, it's almost too much excitement to take, but it is still early! ; ) ttfn!


okay, today was interesting. Popcorn for breakfast, master wok chinese for lunch, movie popcorn for snack, and fazoli's italian for dinner.

No museums, no shopping (unless you count WM, where we seem to end up at least once no matter what town we are in!), no zoo... Lots of driving around. Bah!! We had to drop off some clothes for Shawna and that meant finding Tim & Amy's. Due to a miscommunication, we had the wrong address and only found it thanks to a helpful postman!!

Then we tried to find the Onething venue for some worship, but Penelope just took us to the ghetto! Lol ...

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