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Saturday, 1 January 2011

what i'll miss about christmas break (edit)

pajama pants!!!  : )  i've pretty much been wearing these exclusively!  lol  

edit: i was inspired to post about my love of pj pants from a blog and comments lambasting them.  i love this dude's blog (caution: he uses a LOT of *ahem* language) but totally disagreed w/ the take on sweats & comfy leg wear.  i mean, seriously - who decreed that jeans were now acceptable going-out wear?  they used to only be worn by cowboys & inmates.  now, they're "dressing up."  they're acceptable to wear nearly everywhere.  most ppl are thrilled when their work place has "jeans days."  and why?  because they are COMFORTABLE.  well, to me, pj pants are more comfortable, offer more variety and opportunity to match.  not that i'm big into matching, necessarily...*thinks*... okay, i guess i am, actually.  i just happened to think how i put outfits together, LOL.  

anywhoo!  those who poo-poo on PJ pants have a right to their opinion.  but to me, wearing comfortable clothes does not mean i've "given up" on anything.  it just means i'm choosing to wear what I like, instead of what others tell me i should.  : )  


hanging out w/ mom & leyton at random times.

having the house to myself.  altho i miss bret, so it'll be nice to have him back & get back into a routine.  : )  

not being stressed out.  i did some email clean up today, because i knew there would be a bunch that i could just delete (daily weather report for one) and it'd be better to take 10 minutes & do it today than waste 10 minutes on monday when i can be doing actual work.  lol  

watching my soaps.  GH & OLTL have been so good!  


today's been quiet.  i watched the rest of Inception & i liked it.  then i had to watch some pinky & the brain & chicken boo & good idea bad idea to get all that complicated stuff out of my head.  lol  

brain: pinky, are you thinking what i'm thinking?
pinky: i think so, brain, but how are we going to get the monkeys to use dental floss?


jen texted to ask me to watch the boys tonight, but then leyton woke up from his nap & wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home.  i decided to get applebee's for dinner & brought them some as well.  it was goooood.  : )  but i didn't like the cheese dip - way too spicy for me!  should've gotten the spinach dip.  ah well.  

i'm watching my soaps on hulu right now, and oprah's commercial for her OWN network is on EVERY OTHER TIME!  ugh.  i'm really annoyed w/ oprah.  

i want cheese puffs.  

i'm glad to have tomorrow, one more day before the crazy begins again.  : )  ttfn & happy 2011 once again!  : )  


  1. happy new year carrie! sorry i didnt get over to your contest sooner! is it still possible to enter? life has just been so crazy for the holidays!

    anyway i hope you had such a great Christmas and new year!

  2. hi corey! yep, i'm not closing the contest til tomorrow, so you still have time to enter!

  3. What a cute collection of comfy looking pjs you have! :) Love them Carrie Marie! I still haven't seen Inception and I can't wait to watch it, I have heard so many good things about the movie! I had cheese puffs earlier today and I gladly would have shared them if I could :) Right now I'm eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, but unfortunately we are out of milk and I didn't know that so I'm eating them dry (and they are still so yummy! ha)