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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Month About Me

... Cuz, you know, the rest of this blog is never about me...  LOL

You can check out the full list under the All About Me page toward the top of the blog there.  

As this is Day One - Introduction, I'll give a brief synopsis of me at the moment.  Because how I describe myself changes from day to day.  I mean, it's all me... just what do I want to share at that moment?  *laugh*  Anyway, today - 

My name is Carrie Marie.  My dad named me - he liked to joke that he named me "Carrie" because the plane "carried" him home just in time for my birth.  He was in Texas & got here just in the nick of time.  : )  Marie is after my great grandma, Veronica Marie.  I've often thought of Veronica as my "other name" or my "what if" name.  I think if he'd named me Veronica, I would be Ronie instead of Carrie.  

As you probably saw in the About Me area - I love the Lord with all my heart, and am SO THANKFUL for His salvation and all the blessings He's given me.  

I like to read, especially when sci fi & romance meet.  I love.  LOVE.  LOOOOOVE Tv.  Lots of different Tv.  I like to go to movies and eat movie popcorn.  I like soft pretzels, but not at the movies because they're like way overpriced, and even though I don't have a problem paying for overpriced popcorn, paying for an overpriced pretzel messes w/ my sensabilities.  Heh.  

I grew up with my mom & dad & little brother.  Later, I finished growing up with foster cousinsiblings, and foster sibs.  I grew up in Iowa but went to private school in Illinois, crossing the Mighty Mississippi every day.  I went to college in a little town in Iowa.  I have worked over 20 jobs, and currently am in a job that I like a lot and think God created especially for me because He knew it would be perfect!  : )  I get to be kinda a social director along w/ the other stuff I do, and it's really neat (most of the time! LOL).  

My dad passed away on Halloween 4 years ago.  I miss him every day.  I'm writing a book about him for my nephew, Leyton.  

I have a really large extended family.  My dad had 9 brothers & sisters & mom has 4.  I have ... I counted once... I think I have over 70 cousins (1st, 2nd, maybe 3rd).  In a family that big, of course I'm closer to some aunts/uncles/cousins than others, but I love and am loved by each & every one of them. We get together every year for Christmas and in the summer, and at other odd times throughout the year.  I was talking to someone the other day who also comes from a large family, and they don't spend any time at all w/ their brothers & sisters & nieces & nephews.  They're okay w/ it, but it really made me sad, to think about being completely ... autonomous like that.  

I have 10 nieces and nephews, soon to be 11.  My brother, Phil, has 2 boys, Anthony is 12 and Leyton is 3.  You see pictures of them all the time on this blog!  My friend Julia has a girl & a boy, Sarah & Andrew.  My friend Joy has a girl & a boy, Kathryn & William, and one on the way.  Sarah has 2 boys, Stephen & Chase.  And Debi has 2 boys, Jacob & Adam.  They all hold little pieces of my heart.  : )  

God has truly blessed me, and I'm thankful every day for His gifts!!  

I don't like to go to bed, but I LOVE to sleep!  If I could work 5pm - 1:30am, doing the job I do now, I would love it!  Since that's unlikely, I should probably stop staying up past midnight.  *laugh*  

And that's the introduction to me for today!  One other thing that probably goes w/o saying once you've made it this far down... I like to write and I usually have a lot to say about nothing at all or everything at once.  : )  And all of this is probably stuff you know, if you know me or have been reading my blog for awhile!  Sorry about the repetitiveness.  That's not a word, is it?  What word am I looking for there?  

ANYWAY!  *laugh*  I'll try to come up w/ something you might not know about me for future posts.  Keep you on your toes or somethin!  ; )  


And just a quick blurb about today... Rather interesting one at work, some crazy stuff goin on for the first of September!  After work, I made it to the JD Store for my friend in the Netherlands - got a postcard & a little surprise.  Also got a surprise for Leyton, if I can remember to bring it tomorrow!  : )  

Came home & I was all excited to make my butternut squash ravioli... and it was MOLDY!  Gross.  So I made regular bowtie & mushroom pasta, and it was good, but ... ya know.  Chatted w/ April, watched Secret Life & White Collar & What Would You Do & oh, started a new show, Huge.  Only have seen 2 epis so far, but I am really liking it!  ABC Family has some good shows, I'm tellin ya!

And now, really, bed!  : )  Have a great one!  


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