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Monday, 27 September 2010

undercover boss is back! hallelujah!

oh my heck, can i just say, MONDAY!!!!! 

first of all, it got down in the 30's during the night.  bbbbbrrrrr!  you know i was happy, tho, w/ all my blankets piled up on me!  : )  did you know there are certain blankets that will just instantly warm you?  oh yes.  i'm sure you know.  last night it was my christmas fuzzy blanket that finally made me warm and snuggly.  and i really can't wait to buy new blankets!!!!  (i'm obsessed.  i know.  is there a 12 step program for blanket addiction?)

i got to wear long sleeves to work, and my hair down instead of in the pony tail it's been perpetually in all summer long.  oh, the joy of simple things.  

busy busy busy, as usual.  i didn't have as many emails today, tho, and not so many timecard tickets, so that was a plus!  i actually had time to deal w/ one of my error reports.  woot!  grammy gave me a farmer grown tomato yesterday, and i made a delicious PB & tomato sammich for lunch.  does anyone else have any garden tomatoes they'd like to give me?  cuz now i'm feenin' for more!  : )  

have a feeling the OT bus is going to be visiting me more, altho i only stayed 15 minutes over tonight, which was enough time to get vacations done.  then it was time to hightail it home & play online!  : ) 

tonight i watched Undercover Boss (love love love!), Desperate Housewives (!!!) and then some season 1 of Bones.  i thought i'd watched all the seasons, but i guess not... i'll have to check my notes... 

and my mind's fading fast, so i'm thinking vegging out sounds good.  i didn't even get laundry done... !! take care, and oh yeah, check out this postcard stephen sent me... : )  


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