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Saturday, 25 September 2010


My mom likes owls.  Growing up, we had a nifty woodwork owl (which is still in her house) and an owl portrait that were always just kinda "there" for me.  I didn't like them, or not like them.  And then Harry Potter came into my life, and Hedwig, and suddenly I really liked owls, too!  Not the same way I like turtles, of course.  But I see their cuteness now.  I don't find their big eyes creepy anymore, I find them fascinating.  : ) 

So, I tell you all that because I found the CUTEST owl pillows!  I bought one for my mom for Christmas.  I hope she'll like it... 


Take a look at the shop & let me know what you think!  : )  

Today I slept til 1:30.  Yep.  IN THE AFTERNOON!  Honestly, I think I could have slept longer, except I was hungry, and thought I should eat something.  (Just in case you're worried, I did get up at like 8 & have something to eat to stay on some sort of schedule.)

Talked to mom, watched CSI: NY.  Am leaving soon to take some shoes back to Famous Footwear & then meet Erin for dinner (Subway or Arthur's?  I still don't know!) & then pick up Leyton!!!  We're going to watch a movie & eat popcorn & stay up late & maybe play on FB - he likes to look at the pictures!  

Hope you're Saturday is going well!  


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  1. Those pillows are SO cute!!!! Your mom is going to LOVE it! :) So exciting (and crazy) that Christmas is just around the corner! When I think of Owls I think of Labyrinth and the white barn owl. I LOVE HP and cannot wait until the movie comes out :)