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Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 06 – Your day

what a lovely labor day for me!  i think i did what i was supposed to - i slept for 13 hours.  : )  

not really, not exactly anyway.  i went to bed at 2 am, and i was up at 8 because of storms.  all the weather reports last night said the storms should be gone in time for parades, but if parades started at 9... anyway, so i was up for 1/2 an hour or so, then went back to bed.  then mom was trying to get ahold of me at 11:30, so i called her back & did a little internet research for our trip next weekend.  or, the 18th, idk if you consider this weekend next weekend.  LOL  

we found some pretty neat hotels in the area we're going - small town iowa, but they are having Thomas, so we're going on a trip w/ leyton!  yay!  can't wait, can't waaaaaiiiiiittttt!!!  you know how much i love road trips, of course, and at least the last one to DM w/ leyton was amazingly fun, so i am finding that road trips w/ leyton are even better than regular road trips!  (actually, even tho william was trying to escape from his carseat almost the whole trip, the trip from omaha to mason city & back w/ joy, kathryn & william was uber fun, too!)

after our chat & look up, i went back to bed til 3.  : )  i really would have slept more, it was a very comfy sleep.  good dreams.  daddy was in one.  i think my post about love seeped into my subconscious or something, because in the first part of the dream, i was in a wedding dress & dad was in a tux & i think the wedding was taking place at an amusement park.  and i was marrying victor alfieri.  niiiiice. *laugh*  and i don't even like him THAT much, he's just pretty.  

however, i did get up, and i took a very long time washing my hair, and then i went to WM for milk & yogurt & stuff.  : )  lady in the express lane in front of me had about double what you're supposed to have.  nice.  i mean, if you have 25 instead of 20 items, okay.  i can understand that, especially if some of those are duplicate items (i.e., you have 4 yogurts & 5 2-litres or something).  but when you have a cartfull, and you have to load up that small counter space like 5 times to get all your groceries out of the cart... well... you have to know you have more than 20 items!!  

when i came home, i almost went back to bed... LOL  just kidding!  sort of!  i'd picked up some LJS to eat, so i really wasn't going back to bed.  i was hungry!!  i watched some Vanguard - really is the most interesting documentary show.  i watched episodes about the ecstacy production, contraband in the LA prison system... and then decided to catch up on GH!  i haven't watched my soaps in SO LONG, because there have been so many awesome summer shows to watch.  lol  so, i have about 2 weeks to catch up w/ everything going on in port chuckles & llanview before all the new shows start for fall!  

and oh, fall!  i'm so happy that it seems to be coming.  i am so excited for long sleeves & pumpkin things (donuts! coffee! chai! pie! oohhhhh, yum!)!!!  : )  

what else did i do today?  oh, i picked out some more of jana's photos that i'm going to ask her to make into postcards for me.  : )  have to get my paypal all loaded up first, tho!  lol  i may also need to work out a deal for her pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... ; )  

and that sums up my day!  LOL  can you FEEL the excitement??  work tomorrow, so i should go to bed before 2 tonight, right?  we'll see ... no, really, midnight is my goal!!  

how did you spend your labor day??



  1. Sounds as relaxing as my Labor Day!! :) Me and you are so the same when it comes to sleep, I am such a night owl! I sleep late when I know I have to get up early. I just can't get in bed at a decent hour. Could you imagine if we were room mates? We'd stay up late watching all our TV shows and never get to bed hahaha

  2. LOL so true! there'd be no accountability. *laugh* "Carrie, you have to work at 8:30," "Marianne, you have to be in at 8!" "Eh, we can stay up a little longer. Just one more episode!" LOL I just now shut down hulu because I am really trying for that midnight bedtime!! heh.