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Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 20 – This month

what about this month?  i've had some really great times w/ leyton (and mom) this month.  i've received awesome mail!  but this month has also been DISASTER.  this month has been sad and angry and exhausting and tears and frustrations and confusion and delay (sorry, Thomas ref!).  this month has been pain and laughter.  salty and sweet.  pickled and puckered.  new TV shows start.  new chapters of life.  ... 

so, yeah.  i don't know about this month.  i'm not liking it, but i can't hate it completely, because this is the month leyton got to spend the night w/ aunt carrie for the first time!  this is the month he's grown up so much!  this is the month i got pictures of adam & jacob.  

so... this month is sorta bi-polar.  

today was sorta bi-polar, too.  nothing too exciting going on or anything, just BUSY (at work til 6) and a couple surprising things going on.  

tomorrow i'm really nervous about.  please pray that i won't have an anxiety attack, because i sorta feel it coming on.  i also really need to get to sleep, but feel like i don't want to because that will make tomorrow come faster!  silly, i know.  but there's where i'm headed. : ) 

i leave you w/ a lovely postcard i received the other day from belarus.  i wish i could show you the back, it's really neat!  

gotta take out the garbage to the kerb before bed.  ttfn!!  : )  

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