"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 02 – Your first love

Well, goodness me!  my frist love was named jamie, and he was my boyfriend in kindergarten.  we held hands, talked on the phone, went to each other's birthday parties, and played boy chase girl and kissed in the tunnels.  

ya know, sometimes as adults i think we forget about the silly things we did as children, when it comes to boy/girl things.  we forget how innocent it was to us at that age, and get all up in arms when kids do the exact same things now.  we put adult labels on kids, and i think it's part of what messes ppl up as they grow up.  the 5 or 6 or 7 year old chasing girls (or boys) is not "sexually harassing" them.  they are PLAYING.  when little kids give kisses, they are not thinking grown-up thoughts.  they are thinking, "i kiss mommy and daddy and gramma and auntie and uncle and brother and sister because i love them and i like them and it's what you do to say hello or goodbye or goodnight or whatever.  i like suzie/johnny and i want to let them know so i'm going to give them a hug and a kiss."  

anyway, *laugh*, back to jamie... we ended up going to different schools after 2nd or 3rd grade, but we kept in touch by writing letters up through jr high or HS.  he was a neat guy.  well, he's still a neat guy - we got in touch on myspace a few years ago.  he's gay now, but still jamie.  : )  of course, we talked for a couple weeks & caught up on stuff & then... 

and so it is, that some ppl come into your life for a period of time, and some come to stay.  those that are only here for a moment are no less important.  another thing to remember!  : )  


so!  today ... wow.  thought my stuffiness was better, but after a couple hours, i was all blah again.  thankfully still very BUSY and so mostly my mind was kept off it.  except every once in awhile when i'd realize i couldn't breathe very well & i'd have to blow my nose, and then i felt like i was disturbing ppl.  *laugh*  sorry!  end of the day was hard.  had to talk w/ my newest helper bee about different ways to audit a claim, and she took it as she did something wrong - which she didn't but it'd been a really long & emotional day & so i tried to make her feel better but idk if it worked.  :(  hopefully tomorrow will be better!  it's friday, anyway.  and friday before a 3 day weekend, woot woot!!  : )  

i didn't stay late tonight, because i had to meet mom & leyton for dinner at incredible pizza.  first i had to GET there, tho.  found out that i wouldn't be getting a slushie, as the sonic in our parking lot was boarded up & is apparently out of business!!!  : (  no more slushies right after work!!  the one on elmore is staying open, happily, but still!  the one by my house is closing, too.  anyway, so i stopped at dunkin donuts for something to drink - discovered their pumpkin stuff is in!  yay!!!!  of course, the guy taking orders didn't know they had an iced pumpkin coffee.  LOL  it was like a comedy sketch.  i seriously wouldn't be surprised to get a note in the mail advising me i could be on some prank show.  i see the billboard next to the squawk box.  i order a pumpkin iced coffee.  (oh, after waiting a couple minutes because they were busy.)  the guy says, "a pumpkin donut?"  me, "no, a pumpkin ICED COFFEE."  him, "we don't have that."  me, "well, i'm staring at your billboard that says you do. *laugh*"  him, "*pause pause pause* *asks manager* oh, i didn't even know we had that.  okay, is that it?"  by that time it was!!  lol  oh, there was also an exchange in there about how i wanted a small but all the sizes were 99 cents so i might as well get a large.  *laugh*  

so, i have my coffee, and i head down the road.  my normal ramp to the bridge is closed, so i figure i'll go around to the river drive ramp, because the 7th avenue ramp will have a line & i'll have to wait through 5 lights.  it did, but then when i got close to river drive - TRAIN!  d'oh!  and it was a long one, and then it stopped & i said ARGH! and turned around & went back to 7th avenue.  oh, what a time!!  *laugh*  

finally got to incredible pizza, and mom & leyton came to greet me - they'd been there for 1/2 an hour, playing.  we headed to the buffet & who should come up to us but friends from our old church!  i'm FB friends w/ nick, but hadn't seen him in person since he was probably in jr. high!  *laugh*  and his uncle paul, i don't think i've seen him since phil & jen's wedding, which he officiated at.  so, that was really cool!  

we ate some foods & watched thomas & blue's clues, and then it was GAME TIME!  mom went across the parking lot to get her glasses at the vision store, while leyton & i played some air hockey (he won!) and basketball & rode the carousel & there was a game where we had to throw balls at a screen & try to hit some gophers.  that one was so cute, but kinda sad because when you hit the baby gophers they CRIED!  *sniffle*  and why were we throwing balls at poor defenseless gophers anyway?  lol  oh!  there's a game where you throw balls at a fence inside a horse's mouth & knock out the planks.  that leyton was pretty good at, too!  still working on his aim... i of course had to play a couple rounds of skeet ball...!  and mom & leyton played a lot of DEAL or NO DEAL!  leyton likes to make deals.  LOL  

when we left, it was raining, and the sky was the most amaaaaaazing colours!!!  oh my heck!  i took some pictures, but i'm not sure how well they turned out...   

oh, i did remember to give leyton his bulldozer that turns into a saw.  he was excited.  i hope he likes it when it's outta the packaging!  like, i hope it's a fun toy to play w/... 

anywhoo!  that's my day!  now i feel like i could sleep for a week - but there's still one more day of work to go!  

oh!  i got a postcard from france today!  gotta send out about 4 plus a package to the netherlands on saturday.  : )  

happy thursday evening & have a FAB FRIDAY!  : )  ttfn!!!

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