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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 14 – What you wore today

oh, why is there another about what i wore??  haven't we established that i am not the most fashionable?  i like clothes, but i like comfort over looks.  i mean, if i see a pretty skirt, it still has to be comfy!!  anyway, today's comfy choice was a 3/4 twirly rust colored skirt w/ greens & oranges, and a green shirt.  the skirt is one aunt jan gave me for christmas last year, and it's very fall-inspired.  : )  


so, last night was fun!!  jen brought leyton by at 8 & we watched shrek.  well, most of shrek.  it's kinda funny, because he likes it, but he doesn't want to watch all of it!  his normal bedtime is 8:30 or 9, but he was all over the place, and i'd only had popcorn for dinner, so i needed to make something else to eat.  tortillas!  then leyton wanted to look at pictures, and then phil called to say goodnight, and then i tried to start the bedtime routine, at 9:30.

me: let's get our pj's on!
leyton: nah!  
and he proceeds to run all over creation (or, the house) for an hour and a half.  LOL  

i finally convinced him that pj's were a good idea, i told him a couple of stories, we said prayers, i tucked him in a few times... : )  and then he was OUT.  til 6 a.m., when he woke up & seemed like he was just gonna be "up" and he said, "i want you to get uuuuup!" but i wanted to sleep for another hour, so he climbed into my bed & fell asleep for another hour.  : )  my bed is really up high, tho, so i had to only be 1/2 asleep because i had to make sure he didn't fall off!  lol  

we got up, called phil, he came over, we got dressed & had breakfast & looked at more pictures.

i didn't want to leave & go to work!  *laugh*  but we're too busy for me to take any vacation this week, so off i went & stayed late & it was a good day.  and leyton had pre-school, so i'm sure he had a good day, too!  

after work, grocery day!  even tho i was TIRED and didn't really want to go, i really wanted groceries. *laugh*  got some nice cereal (honey nut & chocolate cheerios!mmmm!), more balogna & cheese lunchables, dew, yogurt, cheeeeeese, budig meat, bread-to-make-sammiches, and chinese food for dinner.  mmmm.  mmmm!  um.  except it wasn't chinese food!  lol  i'd been thinking about hy vee chinese all day, but then when i got there it didn't really look good (shocker, i know!!) and so i had meatballs & green beans & potatoes au grautin from the other part of their food service area!  : )  it was all very good, too!  

when i got home, i discovered that leyton'd left his froggy pillow, so i called jen to see if she wanted to pick it up or if it could wait til i saw him on thursday.  they were at hy vee, so they stopped by on their way home.  : )  then my evening consisted of GH & OLTL & FB & reading my blogs & uploading pictures!  

now, i'm going to share w/ you the 3 postcrossings i got in the mail today (LOVE IT!), finish yesterday's OLTL & then go to BED.  i'm ready to zzz!  : )  also gotta rest up for tomorrow.  heh.  happy Tuesday night!  

from Great Britain 

i LOVE state capitols!  they're usually domes, and oh so pretty!

from Finland.  you know i loves this one!  it says, in Swedish, "Better late than never."  


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