"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 27 – Your favorite place Day 28 – Something that you miss Day 29 – Your aspirations Day 30 – One last moment

Day 27 - Favorite Place
This one's easy!  Anywhere my nieces & nephews are, instantly becomes my favorite place!  Thursdays w/ Leyton, trips to MC or Omaha... I don't get to see my Postville crew as often, but whenever I do, wherever we are - that's my favorite place.  

Day 28 - Something I Miss
Another easy one, and yet not easy.  I miss Daddy, but that's someONE.  The someTHING would be our daddy daughter dates.  I miss the spontanaety (sp?) of it.  
(Also, recently, I miss Mt. Dew.  Oh my goodness how I miss it!  I have so far been good on the soda front - not 100% on other fronts, but w/ soda, yes.  I have been drinking Water, Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper... and milk, but I switched to 1%.  That was what I thought would be hard, but it's really not.  The desire for a Dew, tho... it's been tough!)

Day 29 - Aspirations
Oh, goodness... not to beat a tired drum, but right now I'm just aspiring to survive & see the kids grow up.  Getting older doesn't bother me, so much, but getting older and being "sick" does.  I'm achey and tired and every new creak I pray (literally) isn't something life-threatening.  I've been really stressed this month, more so than usual, obviously!  And w/ the new diagnosis, I question everything in ways that I didn't when I was diagnosed w/ high BP.  My tummy hurts, my shoulder aches, my foot falls asleep - and I think, "Do I need to be worried?  Should I go to the hosptial?"  I'm not a hypochondriac, ppl!  And I don't want to become one!  It's very frustrating.  

Day 30  -  A Moment
Corpus Christi, Texas, 1993 or 4, I think.  Phil & I road tripped w/ Daddy to Texas, for a bowling tourney.  Our hotel in CC was amazing - not the hotel itself, as I recall that was pretty normal Holiday Inn in the 90's.  But the view... the view was spectacular!  Phil & Dad had gone somewhere, I don't remember why I was in the room alone.  Most likely it was because they got up & went to breakfast while I had a lie in.  I do love to sleep in!  : )  Anyway, they were gone & I was just staring out the window at the water, the beach, and the (possibly hot, possibly not, who could tell from that distance?) guy practicing his karate on a ... what are they called?  Sandbar?  The little land masses that jut off the beach into the water, but above the water... Anyway, it was like a scene from The Karate Kid or something.  I imagined that the guy looked like Ralph Macchio.  : )  He could have looked like Ralph Nader.  I just realized I have no idea what Ralph Nader looks like.  Oh, I digress, AGAIN!  LOL  (This moment is taking much longer to transcribe than I thought it would!)  He was on the (sandbar) practicing his martial arts moves, while the waves lapped over his feet.  I watched for a long time!  Not just him, but the water.  I am fascinated by water, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, rain... it's all so beautiful!  

And then when Dad & Phil got back to the room, they'd brought a friend.  They had picked up a stuffed armadillo for me in the gift shope.  : )  I named him Adam.  

And wow, that concludes 30 days of me!  I hope you've enjoyed reading ... I have enjoyed remembering things to share & all that!  


and now it's after midnight, so i need to send an email to sean of my giveaway's benefactor fame, and see what i need to do to reward that $45 to someone!  thanks to everyone who commented!  

today was a pretty good wednesday.  work work work.  went in early, stayed late.  don't feel too sorry for me, tho, it was still only 45 minutes extra!  then i got to go grocery shopping!!  i picked up the usual - soda, milk, TP, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.  i also scoured the clearance aisle & found christmas presents for william & adam!  *bounce*  i had something picked out for kathryn, too, but then ended up putting it back because i just wasn't sure it was the right thing.  and i wasn't able to find what i want to get jacob for his birthday, so i'll head to toys r us sometime this weekend & see if i can find it there.  maybe i'll take leyton & ... oh, wait, he & his mom are going to pick up anthony this weekend.  (safe trip there & back!!)  

i got home a little before 8 & made dinner (healthy choice steamer).  the healthy choice meals have a dietary exchange on their labels, which was really neat.  i'm a little concerned about the sodium in their "healthy" choices, tho.  i mean... really?  but idk what actually constitutes "a lot" of sodium.  i'll have to ask about that next week... 

i watched Glee!!!  really awesome episode showcasing britney spears!  i was a little disappointed in the rest of the plot, but felt it did move things along in the rachel/finn and wil/emma stories.  i reallllly don't like terri.  i like the actress, but i would MUCH rather see them make her a part of the show w/ her new life (i.e., a new man) rather than even the hint that she & will are getting back together.  blech to THAT!  

also watched the hub's & NCIS: LA.  and some of jeff's journey in india!  : )  read some blogs.  micaela showed everyone what's inside my purse.  take a look!  

what else?  what else?  no idea!  that means it's time to go to sleeeeep!  take care, have a GREAT night and/or day, and TTFN!  : )