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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

right now i need to clean out my purse, because there are a ton of receipts & crap in there that i don't need.  makes it heavier than necessary!  lol  

things that i don't feel right if i don't have - phone, camera, pens, gum, mints, emory board, checkbook, wallet/changepurse, rosary, handkerchief from grandma w, pill box, girl things, smokes & lighter, stamps, keys, a turtle, badge, clippers, scrunchie, lip balm, lotion.  other things i have in there regularly that don't move if i switch to a smaller purse, but find their way back into whatever purse i'm using include: toys for leyton, tape measure from dad, worry stone from joy, string of beads from kathryn, south american necklace from dad, mail, tastefully simple catalogue, various papers and receipts... 

i love purses, and have quite a few of them.  it's funny to me the things that DON'T make the cut when i switch bags.  when i look thru old ones or when i'm switching and have to clean out one purse in order to use it... why do i keep the stuff that's in these purses?  if i haven't needed it, or even thought of it, in 6 months, say... why am i keeping it??  why can't i throw it away or give it away or donate it if it's that kind of thing?  

if anyone has any insights into that question, please please please share, because i could live a lighter existence if i could do that, i think!!!  *laugh*  

right now, my purse is kinda medium sized.  i prefer this style, the open style, weather it's a shoulder strap or handle.  however, i have several purses that are full of pockets and compartments, and i love those, too.  *laugh*  i'm always looking for a new bag, but i'm really picky.  


today was very relaxing.  caught up on People, watched my hubbie - i need season 2 of NCIS.  : )  watched BB, read blogs, napped.  i love naps!  i did take a field trip to sonic for a strawberry slush during happy hour.  i miss having it right down the road, i tell ya what!!  lol  

this week is going to be busy, i'm sure i'll be pulling some late nights, but i am REALLY looking forward to the weekend, so i think it's gonna be a great week!  a blessed week!  and i hope you have a blessed monday, as well.  : )  



  1. Oh girl smokes and a lighter are always in my purse too :) You are like me - you carry a little bit of everything with you every day (that way you are always prepared as I like to say :) I laughed out loud when I read the part about why do we keep the things in our old purse when we switch to a new purse - I'm SO guilty of this. There's something wrong with me because I can't seem to throw anything anyway! There was ONE time this worked in my favor. Last Christmas we had a crazy winter - we actually had a White Christmas which is really unheard of here in our part of Texas. Sure it gets cold, but the snow never stays. Well this year there was SO much snow we were snowed in. TOTALLY was not expecting it to get that bad. I was down to no cigs and could not get out (it was that bad outside) so I ended up going through ALL my old purses sifting through all the leftover stuff searching for just one old cig. And guess what??? I found one!!! haha I was so happy I didn't care how old it was :)

  2. p.s. I'm REALLY hard on my purses. I carry so much they fall aprart! It's sad! Ask Micaela - I've ruined quite a few of them. That's why there is NO way I would ever spend a lot of money on expensive pretty purses (like Coach or LV).

  3. I hate when I forget to get smokes during the winter & then end up getting snowed in! I've gotten better about paying attention to the weather reports...LOL

    And oh I would love a LV purse! For the price they should hold up through all the abuse we could put them thru, right?? ; ) My most expensive purse is a knockoff of a ... erm... starts with a B? IDK, but I like it but it's BIG! lol Otherwise $25 is my limit!