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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 08 – A moment

{first of all, that song "One Moment In Time" is now going thru my head.  i'm kinda annoyed.}

had a wonderful meeting today at HQ!  the panel discussion from leadership was very interesting and informative and i'm soooooo happy i went!  after the meeting, when we were all filing out, my friend dawn came up to me from across the room (she'd been sitting on the other side, i guess!) and we chatted & walked out to our cars.  or, to her car.  i had completely forgotten where i'd parked!  

so, for a moment, i wandered aimlessly around the parking lot, until i found chloe.  whew! 

is that the kind of moment day 8 is asking for?  i have no idea, but that's what you get!  

i'll also share some other moments from today... 

- pretty calm day, actually.  i mean, there were the usual crazy things going on, but everything sort of fell into nice compartments, even the crazy times!!

- the plan was to leave at 4:30, since i came in for the meeting at 8.  however, ended up having an impromptu meeting at 4:30 & didn't leave til 5!  : )  

- pizza for dinner.

- fasting began at 10.  

- the plan was to make some fish around 9 & have a bowl of strawberry (flavored!) mini wheats to a protein/fiber boost since i can't eat anything til 11-ish tomorrow!

- i wasn't really hungry at 9.  i (mostly) don't eat when i'm not hungry.

- i'm hungry right now.  it's 11pm.  i'm not getting anything to eat.  *sigh*  *laugh*  *sigh*  

- if i'm hungry right now, what'm i gonna be like when i get up??  i get lightheaded when i don't eat!  i get cranky and out of sorts.  i have an important meeting at 9.  argh!!!  (it's already starting!  LOL)

- got to watch America's Got Talent & talk to april (who by the way, has 3 amazing kids i'd like to shout out to.  kait, charlie & evan are awesome & i wish i got to see them - and their parents - more often!) & watch BB & oh my goodness the first part of final HOH looked intense but fun.  sort of.  *laugh*  i also watched an episode of Melissa & Joey & i wish hulu had more available cuz i really liked the one i saw!!  

- read lots of blogs tonight, caught up if you will.  heh.  micaela has a really cute puppy post (pictures, you know you want to go look, ERIN!)!!  brandi is also doing the 30 Days of You blogging, and her day 6 post has some really fun pictures.  i'm especially fond of the first & last photos w/ the robot.  : )  ree, also known as the pioneer woman,  has an interesting post up about blogging!  and marz has a little bit about her up, if you'd like to get to know her awesomeness!  

- thus ends my link-happy paragraph!  : )  

- oh, i talked to mom tonight & we're all booked at the holiday inn in ames for Thomas weekend!!  i can not WAIT!!!  : )  

- before that, tho, i get to hang out w/ her & leyton tomorrow.  woot!  i love thursdays, which i say every week at some point or another, right?   heh.  

- what else?  idk!  i think it's about time for bed.  sleep will take care of the gnawing hunger until the morning! (nah, it's really not that bad.  i will be fine.  God is good! (all the time!))

take care & i hope your wednesday was wonderful!  ttfn!  

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