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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

fish day

totally got to have fish for two meals & i looooooved it!!  : )  salmon for lunch & beer battered cod for dinner.  with glazed carrots, which were good, as well.  

so, back to work today.  intense day!  had a kick off meeting for something.  *edit*  would love to tell you all about it, but i fear some ppl would get the wrong idea, so i'll just say it was interesting and we got treats & soda!  *laugh*  

it was a beautiful day, weather wise.  i am so ready for fall it's not even funny!!!  : )  

got to chat w/ april & joy a little tonight, nice!!  also, watched Secret Life (really, ashley, come on!!!) and Rookie Blue (a-ma-zing show, really!  if you like cop shows at all, this is a must-watch.) and finished catching up w/ GH.  tomorrow i must start my OLTL catch up.  and also hopefully White Collar's season finale will be up.  oh yeah!!  : )  

have a meeting at HQ tomorrow.  a leadership panel discussion.  i'm really looking forward to it!  but, it starts at 8, which means i need to be up 1/2 an hour earlier, which means i really should go to bed, right?  : )  so, goodnight, and i hope your tuesday went well!!  i know there was something else i wanted to share, but can't think of what it was now.  ah well, i'm sure it'll come to me later!  

i'll leave you w/ the adorable postcrossing i received from china today.  ttfn!!  


  1. I LOVE fish! Especially blackened mahi-mahi! Delicious!!! Oh you will love the White Collar season finale :) I just got done posting about it (don't worry no spoilers!) we'll have to chat about it after you watch it! :) Have a great meeting tomorrow! Adorable postcrossing :) Good night! xo

  2. Ohhhh! I still need to watch WC!