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Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 13 – This week

this week is gonna be BUSY!  overtime tonight, probably setting the pattern for the week.  i did get 1/2 my emails set up to go out in september & october, tho!  : )  they've been piling up since august, and thankfully all the retirements are happening later in the year!  *laugh*  trish was sick today, but i had a nice lunch w/ her group anyway.  : )  baked potato soup, woot woot!! 

jen texted me about 6 to see if i could watch leyton.  but tonight i need to get laundry & stuff done around the house, so i said he could spend the night here.  : )  he's excited!  hopefully he'll stay happy & excited thru the night & won't get scared or anything sleeping somewhere new... i'm sure he'll be okay!  and we'll have FUN! i have Elf in right now because i'm in a christmasy kinda mood... 

tomorrow i need to get groceries.  i have a list a mile long, but not that much grocery budget this month... i set up a new payment plan for one of the credit cards (that i no longer have) and it's going to take $53 more a month than i was paying.  which is good for getting it paid off, but is gonna make it a little tighter for everything else!  also this month is when 1/2 my property taxes and my plates are due, so... well, actually the plates are august, but they're getting paid this month!  thank God for grace periods!  

enough about money, tho!  *laugh*  

wednesday so far is a clear day, then thursday i'm having lunch w/ my friend sherry & it's leyton day!  friday looks clear... 

then saturday & sunday is our road trip!!  i'm excited for this week, even if it will be exhausting!  

what's your week looking like??


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  1. I HAVE to get better at budgeting. Sometimes I literally can't sleep at night because I'm worried about my student loan debt (and CC debt)and bills. Don't you hate when that happens? When all the things you are worried about creep up at night while you're laying there? Sometimes my mind can get so restless! But you are right - let's not talk about money! Hope you and Leyton had fun last night :) This week has been okay so far - work has been pretty busy! And today I had a wonderful lunch date with my co-worker Laura and two of our friends (both ladies I use to work with at my previous job at the local newspaper) so it was good catching up. We ate at a new German restaurant in town and it was DELICIOUS! :) Have a great rest of the week :)