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Saturday, 25 September 2010

up up up

oh my goodness!  it's a quarter after one.  we went to bed at 11:30.  the previous times leyton has spent the night, once he's asleep, he's asleep!  tonight, however... asleep at 11:30 (his idea, even!) and up at 1, crying (i thought because he had to potty, which he did) and insisting we get up & have breakfast.  


well, we're not having any breakfast, yet, but we are in the livingroom watching Thomas again.  i just want to go back to sleep!  *laugh*  might as well be productive if i'm going to be up, tho.

so, as i said, i slept very late (so shouldn't -i- be the one who wants to be up?  *laugh*).  i left here about 4 & returned the shoes, which gave me money for gas and dinner!  God is good!  : )  i picked erin up & we went to subway.  mmmm!  i'd been craving subway for what now, a week?  it tasted very good!  and it was nice to chat about life and GH and whatnot.  but all too soon, i had to take her back because it was time to pick up leyton!!!  : )  

he was excited, and phil said he hadn't eaten yet, so we got all packed into the car & then went through a drive thru.  leyton decided he wanted BK, and their toy was an owl!  ironic, no?  LOL  

when we got home, it was after 7, dark, RAINY and cold.  i had leyton hold the umbrella so he wouldn't get rained on.  he also wanted to bring Happy (stuffed dog that i kept in the backseat for him) inside.  so, he's got Happy & the umbrella.  i've got my purse, his food, my drink, his drink, my leftover sandwich... and my keys.  i had this feeling that i needed to be very careful.  i thought i was being careful.  and still... my keys slipped out of my hands & slid right down btwn the porch & the house.  ARGH!!!!!  i hadn't put more $$ on my phone because the website was being a jerk and i hadn't gotten to the store.  

(sidenote - while i once praised virgin mobile customer service because they were very helpful & polite, my recent experience has not been good.  :(  first of all, on their website to top up, there is an option to use paypal.  i have $$ in my paypal account, so i chose that option as an alternative to getting a top up card at the store.  except that every time i click the link that says CHECKING/PAYPAL, it takes me to a screen that wants me to register a credit card.  bwha?!  so, i called their CS number, because i've had such good experiences in the past.  however, they've changed their automated system, making it VERY HARD to get to an actual person.  once i finally DID get to an actual person, i explained the situation, but they were apparently A) from india w/ a limited grasp of english or B) not listening to me.  then i had a coughing fit & they hung up on me!  i said "hang on" or "excuse me," for pete's sakes!!  so THEN i sent an email to their customer service.  that was on ... thursday, i think, and i still have not had a response from them.  so, virgin mobile, what's the deal?  i like you, and i would LIKE to keep using you, as i have been a good and loyal customer for over 5 years.  however, it's getting to be very inconvenient!  *sigh*)  

anywhoo.  so, i couldn't call anyone, i have a 3 year old who is hungry and tired, I am tired, and it is wet.  and of course i've locked the car.  thankfully, my neighbors were home, so we went over there & used their phone to call phil (then mom when phil didn't answer), then played w/ their little girl who happens to be the same age as leyton!  mike very kindly, somehow, fished my keys out, so phil didn't need to come to open the door.  he was already on his way, tho, and had skipped his shower to help, so he just took one here.  

oh, i picked up the train post cards i'd left in mom's car after our boone trip, and when i pulled them out, there were also a bunch from madison, wisconsin.  *boggle*  i tried calling mom, but her line was busy, so i'll have to remember to ask her tomorrow.  idk where they would have come from other than some stash of dad's, tho!  weird... but hey, i'll use them!  they're pretty!  *laugh*  

well, tootie bum has fallen asleep again.  i wonder if i can get him back to bed w/o him waking up?  or should i leave him on the couch?  i hate to do that, tho, and then if he wakes up & doesn't know where he is, he might be scared!  so i guess i'll try to move him.  



  1. he sounds like a cute kid! i too get irriated with customer service from anyone anymore....everyone seems to be indian!

  2. thanks, he's fun! and i know!! which i wouldn't mind if they were indian and IN the US and spoke english well enough to understand and help w/ my issue! is just annoying. :\