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Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 21 – Another moment Day 22 – Something that upsets you Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

Day 21 - Another Moment
*blink blink blink*
there was that time when mom, daddy & i were at an iowa basketball game, and i jokingly told dad that wayne newton was going to be in town soon & we should go.  i was gauging his reaction, because i really did want to go, i thought it'd be neat.  i didn't think he'd go for it, tho.  and i was right, he scoffed a litle when i said it, like he didn't believe i was really excited.  

then a couple days later he called & asked if i could get that night off work.

we saw wayne newton.  it was neat!  man can sing!  (of course.)  

of those moments, even above actually GOING to the concert, the moment that i remember best and makes my heart go all warm & fuzzy is that phone call.  it was such a surprise, hearing dad ask if i could get thursday night off on short notice, because he "just stopped by the box office" and found out ticket prices "weren't that bad."  : )  i <3 him.  i miss him.  i love the memories of him i can bring to mind!


Day 22 - Something That Upsets You
Injustice.  when i see/hear/read about ppl being treated unfairly for some reason, it makes me want to jump in & defend them, or rescue them, and pound whomever is treating them badly!  i believe in treating ppl well, with respect, no matter who they are and if you agree with them or not.  you don't think ppl should be gay?  okay, but those who are guy aren't any less human.  you can disagree with their lifestyle or choices without treating them disrespectfully!  of course, those ppl at least have "reasons" for their rudeness.  what really steams me is when ppl in positions of power (bosses, pastors, presidents, etc.) rude and get away with it.  THAT's steamy.  and not in the good way.  

Day 23 - Something That Makes You Feel Better

Day 24 - Something That Makes You Cry
missing ppl.  not just Daddy, but mostly!  at least when i'm missing April or Joy or Debi, etc., i can email them or IM them... happy books.  or, sad parts and happy endings.  movies and TV shows like that, too.  hallmark commercials, sometimes.  heh.  


so, hi!  as you can see, i had some catching up to do.  i apologize for not dedicating a post to each "day."  sometimes life gets in the way of these things, and it's not a ruled kinda thing anyway, right?  *laugh*  

today my tummy did not feel good, it's still kinda queasy at this moment.  :(  thankfully it didn't hurt constantly, or so much that i couldn't work or anything!  i just felt icky all day.  and yet, i got a lot accomplished!  yay!  

mom didn't get off work early, so no movie for us tonight.  : (  but that was probably better... *laugh*  hopefully my tummy will be BETTER tomorrow, because it's a busy day!  so, instead of going to the movies, i spent tonight doing something i said i wasn't going to do - watching new shows.  lol  i watched outsourced, running wilde, and the event, and i liked all 3.  running wilde seemed a little awkward because it just jumped right in & stuff, but i warmed up to it once i "got" the style.  the event looks to be really good.  awesome cast, and great directing in the first ep!!  : )  

and that's my news tonight!  : )  have a great one & pray for my tummy!  oh, and don't forget to stop over to the menu to check out the site & leave your comments!  ; ) 



  1. i kinda really loved this post...i'm going to follow you...is that ok? thanks for commenting :) it made me smile!

  2. corey! you're so sweet! anything you want is okay by me! : )

  3. The memory of the moment your dad called you to tell you he got tickets warmed my heart. That is so amazingly sweet and I can't imgagine how much the surprise meant to you. I also love how much you love your nephew because it is exactly the way I feel about mine! I love all my nieces and nephew - but Mikey is the apple of my eye!!! He was the first grandbabby and I have always had a special connection with him :) I love hearing Leyton stories and photos :)