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Saturday, 11 September 2010

i've told my september 11th story before, so today i'll just say, i remember.  i pray for the families of those who did not survive, the children who don't get to know their fathers because of this day.  i pray for those who survived, that they know they are here for a reason and that they use their lives for good.  i pray for the misguided florida "preacher" who has gotten the will of God so twisted in his head, he has become no better than the terrorists he preaches against.  i pray for former president bush, and for our current president obama, because it's not easy having all that pressure on your shoulders!  

september 11th, to me, isn't all about "september 11th" tho.  

september 11th is my aunt jan's birthday!  and it's a HAPPY day and a CELEBRATORY day.  

and i refuse to let the terrorists take that away.  

so, i remember, and i pray, and i still thank the Lord for today, and for the blessings He has given us as well!  

(today might be a 3 post day...or i might combine my Siblings post w/ my daily post.  just thought i'd let you know.  *laugh*)  


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