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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 09 – Your beliefs

My beliefs are very simple.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, His Father God and the Holy Spirit, also known as the Holy Ghost.  I believe they are a Trinity, three separate and distinct persons who are One in purpose.  

I believe that Jesus created the universe (and maybe more than just ours).

I believe that Jesus chose to come to earth and be born and teach and live and die for ME and for YOU.  I believe that His death was necessary to my salvation, IS my salvation, and was His gift.  (There is a line in Buffy, season 5, I think - The First Slayer comes to Buffy in a dream & tells her, "Death is your gift."  And Buffy gets all offended & mad, and says, "Death is my gift?  Death is not a gift!"  But that line always gets me, because death was the Lord's gift to us.  Becaue He chose to die for our sins, we are FREE.  We are free to live.  (I think that's a song...))  Death holds no power over us anymore, because it is not an ending but a transition.  It still sucks when we lose someone, because we love them and we want them to be with us.  And we still have the ... well, no one really wants to die.  I certainly don't.  I want to be around for a long time to watch all my kids grow up and their kids grow up!  But I know that when the time comes for me to leave this earth, I'll be moving on to somewhere so much better, and so unimaginably better!  I know that's where Daddy is.  

I believe that the Lord's plan for us, for all of us, does not involve hating each other or nit-picking semantics of belief.  If you are a Christian, if you love the Lord, that love will be evident in everything you do.  It doesn't mean you'll be perfect - no one is perfect!  It doesn't even mean you will never do something awful, or hurt someone's feelings.  It just means that your intent is always in love.  You don't want to hurt anyone, and if it happens accidentally or even if you go through a time where you lose your mind & do bad things intentionally, your conscience gets you.  *laugh*  

There are lots of things in this world that ppl (Christians) let cloud what's important.  It's not important if someone is gay.  It's not important if someone chooses to use birth control - or not use birth control.  It's not important if someone believes something differently than we do.  Okay, let me rephrase that, because it IS important.  Each of those is very important in that person's life.  But those decisions are btwn that person and God.  In the end, the point of our creation is our free will.  God wanted us to CHOOSE Him.  He created us with a longing for Him, but we have to choose what we do with that longing.  

I believe that to witness to someone is to share your own beliefs and reasons for those beliefs, to show them the Lord's love through your actions, and to let them know, as needed, that God the Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit LOVE them.  they don't have to do anything.  WE don't have to do anything to earn that love.  part of that love, though, is accepting the choices ppl make.  

anywhoo!  that's what i believe.  the short version is - Jesus loves you.  : ) 

ttfn - i'm off to post a blog about the zoo today!  (apparently it was too much work to keep using capitals...LOL)  

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  1. Thanks for sharing. religion is on a personal level in my opinion, and as long as you are keeping the lines of communication open with heavenly father, and you feel like you and he are tight, then he thinks so too. he loves us and wants us to be happy. thats all there is to it. :)