"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 11 – Your siblings

this is my brother, phillip andrew.

he's 6'4", or taller, i'm not sure his exact height.  *laugh*  tall.  that's it.  : )  he is 3 1/2 years younger than me, and when he was a baby i accidentally messed up his tooth because i wanted his bottle & he didn't want to share.  sorry, baby brother!!  he also has scars from when i accidentally clawed him while "play/fighting."  i'm happy we got over that stage & became friends!  heh.  

idk when that happened, my parents would joke that it was when he got taller than me!  which is entirely probable.  he's always been a gentleman, and never deliberately hurt me, cuz i'm a girl.  : )  i always tried to be a good big sister.  he was always cooler than me, tho.  which is okay!  

i love him lots, and i'm happy that God blessed me w/ him.  he's an awesome brother and father, and i hope that someday soon he'll let the Lord back into his heart!  he knows Him, he just doesn't always act like it, or something like that.  

tonight i got to hug him, and i gave him a present from our trip to the bass pro shop (personalized shot glass, woot!).  he got home just in time to give leyton a bath, too.  

we were also blessed to have a cousin-brother & sister, and many groups of foster siblings.  

sometimes it was hard to have these "new kids" in our home - when phil was in HS & i was in college & after, so we were already "grown."  and i have to admit that having foster sibs did play a part in my not wanting kids of my own.  having babies and 2 & 3 year old (and older, in some cases) constantly in the house was exhausting!  as much as i loved it, and loved each & every one of those kids, some days i would just go into my room & shut the door because i didn't want to deal w/ them!  you can't (or shouldn't, really) do that w/ your own kids!  altho you can send them off to gramma's or auntie or uncle or the sitters... heh.  

{the plan was to have photos of bret, misha, jorey, amorae, jasmine, elisabeth, johnna, jonathan & ethan here, but my computer doesn't like the folder they are in, and went all lizzie borden on me when i tried to insert pictures.  so... i might try to edit them in on another day, or i'll just randomly pop them into other posts later!}

anyway, blessings!!!  


and now for today, in which i had fun at the open house - tons of great food, and i ordered about $30 of product.  also, i was texted later to say i won the hostess gift, so woot!!  : )  it was crazy to get there, tho!  the road i needed to take was under construction, so traffic was moving at a snail's pace.  and i was already running about 20 minutes behind!  but it was okay, as usual of course, and everything worked out nicely.

after the open house, i met mom & leyton at the park & we played for 20 minutes or so.  BEAUTIFUL day out, for sure!  

this is the cutest gramma-leyton picture in the history of gramma-leyton pictures thus far, don't ya think?  they had both just climbed up the slide, and were saying "ta-da!"  : )  

leyton got a spongebob & patrick tattoo at the hawkeye's kids' day party thingy.  

next, we went to famous footwear, because mom was appalled that i was still wearing the ratty shoes i had on.  she very generously bought me 2 pairs of dressy shoes & now i just need to get tennies!  she kept going to the trainer-looking tennies, and i prefer the converse or canvas look.  sketchers would be okay, too, some styles.  unfortunately, my little feet are quite wide (i say little because they look little but i wear a larger shoe, possibly because of their width!), and they didn't carry a lot of wide-width shoes.  and apparently converse shoes run narrow.  darn it!!  i tried on a couple pair and they fit great - except they didn't look great at the wide part of my food because they didn't lace up properly.  : (  i was disappointed in that.  so, then mom kept trying to get me to like these ... athletic looking shoes.  i might change my mind later, but for right now, that is just a look that i don't like!  i don't really want my shoes to look like i could break into a jog at any time, or that i just came off the bball court.  just not my style, and i think the shoes that are my style look better w/ skirts anyway.

: ) 

our next stop was going to be dinner, but mo' brady's didn't open til 4, so we went to toys r us to check out some zhu zhu pets.  leyton & i left mom to pick out hamsters while we looked at matchbox cars & of course thomas the train toys!  i debated taking the camera in w/ me, and decided not to.  i regret that decision because not only were there tons of cute leyton moments, but there were some pretty nifty TOYS that i would have liked to have shared!  apparently, medieval play is in?  there were a ton of knights, dragons, villages... i was excited to see it, but also a little peeved that i'd never heard of these toys!!  *laugh*  i also discovered a smurf village and a bunch of awesome lego stuff.  i knew there were lego cameras thanks to this blog, but i had no idea there were also video cameras, boom boxes and clock radios!  

seriously, ppl, i almost bought it!!  (but i have a perfectly working alarm clock and i don't NEED a lego alarm clock, and so it is still safely at home at toys r us.)

finally, after reuniting w/ mom & her hamsters, leyton picked out a matchbox garbage truck & we checked out to go to dinner.  YUMMY!  we had a sweet auntie-leyton moment, too... : ) 

i'm not entirely sure what that expression is... he looks scared but he's the one who was being all huggy, so i promise he wasn't scared!  *laugh*  

then it was back to mom's to play at the park for a few minutes, then play w/ the hamsters (tex and rocky) and play dough and eat a popsicle (him) and a klondike bar (me) while mom napped on the couch.  

i made my way home, to chat w/ joy & find out that my next niece or nephew will be a niece (yay! yay! yay!).  read some blogs and wrote this one and the dinner one and now... now i can think about sleeping!  *laugh*  

ohhhh, before i sleep, tho... i got two wonderful pieces of mail today - a postcrossing from poland and the sweetest card from cousin kathy.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  *HUGS*  this made my day even more perfect!  : )   

so, take care, and i hope your day was wonderful, too.   ttfn!  


  1. My husband's name is Philip (with one L) and he's like your brother Phillip - he grew up in the church knowing God, but somehow gave up on that relationship a long time ago. I pray both our Philip's find the Lord again! I love all the photos you shared! The ones of you and Leyton and your mom and Leyton are just precious! He is such an adorable boy!!

  2. You guys are already on my prayer list, but I'm adding a softening of your Philip's heart along w/ mine to that list!! And thank you for the compliments! : )