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Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 10 – What you wore today

if i'd paid attention to what this post was going to be, i would have taken a picture of what i wore today!  *laugh*  alas, i did not, and so all you get is this description... today i wore my long, pink, flowy and flowery skirt with an orange (yes, orange!) top.  my hair was in its usual summery ponytail, my feet shod with the usual white socks and black flats.  : )  nearly immediately upon getting home, the skirt and shoes and socks were shed in favor of blue pyjama pants and bare feet.  part of the reason i choose to wear skirts (long, flowy skirts like today's are my favorite) is because they are comfortable, but there's still something about sloughing off the "work clothes" in favor of clothing i could fall asleep in if i chose.  heh.  

wow, that was exciting, no?  i'm a real fashion plate, i tell ya!  LOL  


don't hold out high hopes for the rest of this post, either, sorry... 

altho, it was a pretty cool day.  gave the boss his birthiversary gift from the team, the game i was on a mission to find yesterday... 

he was really excited, too, which made me happy.  this is the one i saw on our way to dbq, which i posted on FB, and he commented that he wanted it, so i sent an email to the team to see if we wanted to get it for him & we did!  : )  of course, then there was the challenge - because i'd seen it in a store, i didn't think there'd be any difficulty finding it around here.  except all the stores had it - ONLINE!  well, i didn't discover this til wednesday, which was really not enough time to order it & get it by today, even if i did site to store!  so, yesterday the Lord finally stuck it in my head that i could probably find it at the same type of store as thiessen's.  i went to farm & fleet - no luck.  then, as i sat in the parking lot, racking my brain, it came to me & i called the sports store & voila!  : )  yay!!!  and it was totally worth it, would have been worth it if i'd had to go back to thiessen's, even, because he came out of his office holding it above his head & then went all over the office to show it off!  heh.  

we should do an iowaopoly tournament... LOL 

the rest of the day was pretty normal.  got a lot accomplished because i didn't have to put out a lot of fires or anything, and mostly just did my daily stuff.  : )  had donuts (birthday treats from the boss, sweet!) and forgot that my helper bee brought in ice cream, d'oh!  hopefully it'll still be there monday.  i've been feening for some ice cream & keep forgetting to get some!  

tonight i have just been watching hulu (rookie blue, and hell's kitchen, finally!) and chatting w/ april (and kait sorta, lol) and reading lots of bloggies.  happy happy night!  

tomorrow i am hanging out w/ mom & leyton & going to a tastefully simple party.  bountiful beer bread, ppl.  if you don't know it, let me know & i'll put you in touch w/ a consultant so you can order some.  it's delicious! i'm either ordering that mix or the pancake mix.  there's also a delicious syrup... i'm hoping that mom & leyton will go w/ me, but we'll see what happens!  

for now.. some pandora & more blogs & then i am off to zzzzz zzzzz land!  am pretty much ready for sleep.  take care & ttfn!!!  : )   and if i've forgotten something which for some reason i feel like i have, i'll edit it in later... 


  1. oh my goodness! i'm in love with the goats too ;) i just came home from a long night at work to your lovely message! I HAD to come on to see the goat! cuuuteness!!!

    i'm writing you a quick note to put in the post before bed :) (have to work 8-4 AFTER closing tonight... ugh!!!)

    love from me and my pups ;)


  2. haha! glad you liked the goat!

    thank you and love back!! good luck w/ the work turn around. i used to have to do that as a cashier at the mothership! scheduled til midnight, work til 1:30, scheduled at 8 the next morning. good times!! ; )