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Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 03 – Your parents

well now!  i'm not sure what you don't know about my parents.  or, dad, i guess.  so, i'll try to give some new info!  : )

my parents met at work.  mom worked there first, and she got married while she was there.  her first husband was a real piece of work, didn't treat her very nice.  they were only married for 2 years, and the last year they weren't together, but it took mom awhile to finalize the divorce.  (idk why, we haven't discussed that, as of yet!)  she & daddy started hanging out prior to the divorce being final (ooh, scandalous!  lol) but in a group.  a bunch of them would go dancing & drinking at the bars.

even after she liked him, mom wasn't sure she wanted to marry him.  well, really, after her first marriage, that's understandable!  : )  so, things were going along in that direction, and then mom decided to go to florida & ... clear her head?  decide what she wanted to do?  hang out for a week and date some other schmuck that the friend of aunt jan's she stayed with set her up with.  lol  good times, right?  thank God that date was a schmuck!  heh.  who knows what would've happened?

anyway, that trip cemented my mom's decision & she & dad decided they wanted to marry each other.

March 3, 1973:


no idea what year:

and, you've seen the 2006 picture from dad's birthday.  : )

there's a lot of middle stories, but in closing i'll just say this - i love my parents.  i'm SO BLESSED to have been born to them.  idk if i got to choose them or how that all works, but it was a good idea.  *grin*  when i was little, we would go on a family trip every summer.  usually st. louis.  : )  we'd go to six flags, the arch, the bowling hall of fame - and that was one of my favorite places!  i would like to go now, actually.  see what's new in the bowling world.  see if it's still there in this age of modernity.  that's not a real word.  i know this.  : )

i'm sure there's so much more i could say, but i'll leave it at that.


of course, i won't leave the POST at that, because what would a post be w/o a little snippet about my day?  and i could just do another post, ppl do that - have post specific posts & multiples in a day.  i like when that comes across on my blog roll!  *laugh*  i just don't think i'm going to do it, at least not today!

so, friday!  TGIF!  we had a mini-food day, but it completely slipped my mind even after being reminded yesterday.  i think it's because i didn't organize it.  i know, isn't that selfish?  and i'm sorry!  i don't like to be selfish!  i did forget, tho.  i wasn't going to partake, even though when i organize a food day i always say "you don't have to contribute to enjoy a treat!"  then my helper bee said, "have some food!"  and so i did.  : )  there were bacon wrapped, brown sugared lil smokies (turkey smokies, even!) and cinnamon rolls and chex mix and beer bread and dips.  soooo good!  it was deli day for lunch, too.  holiday friday, so there was like NO ONE around, so i ate by myself.  or, i would have if pablo hadn't been there.  we had a nice chat about his daughter & their plans for the weekend.  : )  he's a good daddy.  

the word of the day - again - busy!  i love it, even when i don't love the "pressure" i love the busy-ness and the sense of accomplishing lots of things during a day.  

after work, i went to the walgreens and the bank, then met aunt jan at exotic thai.  i was so excited that she had time tonight, because she has been SO BUSY herself, and we haven't hung out in so long! we had an interesting appetizer sampler, which was mostly enjoyable.  *laugh*  then, pumpkin curry.  okay, you know of my love for this dish.  it's practically the only one i get at ET anymore.  so, it comes out & i'm all excited & then... it was WAY TOO CURRIED!  :(  normally, pumpkin curry, while CURRY, is more sweet than heat.  this batch, tho, i couldn't even eat most of it, because of the heat.  it was still GOOD, but i couldn't taste the flavor through the heat.  : (  i let our waitress know & they remade it for me & it was perfect.  they're really so sweet there, too, i felt bad sending it back.  but i knew i wouldn't be able to eat it, and i just couldn't pay that much $$$ for a meal i couldn't eat!  

jan & i had planned to go to a movie or ice cream after dinner, but were so exhausted we decided to just call it a night.  : )  i came home & jammied, watched Burn Notice & some episodes of Huge.  talked to mom a bit & wrote this!  *laugh*  oh!  and i received this in the mail from micaela, who is such a sweetheart!  

{will try to remember to insert picture here when my picture option stops being a buggar!} 

on the back she wrote, "You look BEAUTIFUL TODAY!!!"  : )  which, aside from a very good hair day, is not so much true, but thank you, dear micaela!  i appreciate the card SO MUCH and it made me smile and i'm still smiling looking at it on my desk!!  

and now, i shall play a game or two of bejeweled and then i must go to dreamland.  tomorrow i need to go to the PO to mail a package to a direct swap requestor & then i might get to hang out w/ leyton & mom.  *beam*  that will certainly make me SO HAPPY!!!  there's a lot going on in the area tomorrow, things that would be so much fun to take the kid to.  but, we'll see what happens!  

have a great night & wonderful tomorrow!  : )  ttfn!


  1. I had Thai food tonight, too! And, I must say, your dad's hair in the wedding photos is fabulous! ; )

  2. It was a Thai kinda day! And LOL thanks! Gotta love the 70's pageboy look. : )

  3. I love learning about your parents :) Beautiful wedding pics, thanks so much for sharing their love story. There's something about Florida that I love so much. It's my mecca - trips to Florida have certainly cleared my head just as it did with your mom :)
    My Micaela is such a sweetheart! I have missed her so much this past holiday weekend. I would give anything to have spent it with her!

  4. Aww, thanks! And I wish you would have been able to be w/ Micaela this weekend! Will you get to see each other for Thanksgiving??