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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day 16 – Scandalous!

i'm skipping day 16's topic.  it's my blog, i'm allowed.  : )  

today was better than yesterday.  did my first finger prick on my own.  umm.  i'll get better at it, right?  i errored out the machine, but i think i got a reading first.  oye.  hopefully shutting it off will reset it & i won't have an error tomorrow.  even tho i got up early & all, i didn't have a lot of time to mess with it!  

i stopped at chick fil a for a diet dr pepper, and as i drove away i took a drink & thought, "this is sweeter than i remember...and tastes more like coke than dr pepper!"  sure enough, i looked down & they'd marked it "coke."  *sigh*  i was still running early.  two days ago i would have just shrugged it off.  today i practiced ... something... and i went back & exchanged the soda.  (and got a free breakfast on my next visit for my trouble!  nice!)

there was a lot of stuff going on at work & i tried very hard not to let it stress me out!  i could feel it getting overwhelming a couple times, tho.  thank God, made it thru!!

after work, i met mom & leyton at applebee's for dinner.  spinach shrimp salad.  ohhhh!  it was good.  : )  i do love spinach!  it was a fun night & leyton was being so polite (as usual, but still is a good thing to mention, i think!).  : )  i didn't bring the camera in w/ me, idk why.  i looked right at it!  then leyton came running toward me & i just didn't grab it!  would've had a really cute picture of leyton drinking out of two straws - a glass of OJ & a glass of water!  LOL 

after dinner, i ran over to WM to get my Rx & then got petrol at murphy & then came home.  : )  watched the AMAAAAAZING finale of AGT.  oh, david copperfield, you are still my favorite magician.  watching him perform on tv has changed since i saw him live.  i remember how HAIRY he is, even when you can't tell on TV.  he's also very sexy.  it's true.  i said it.  david copperfield = sexy. : )  

what else did i watch?  i think that's it.  *laugh*  it was a looooong finale!  but superb, really really superb.  and of course i think the right guy won!  do you remember when i first saw michael, on the very first episode?  LOVE!  : )  

sleep is calling to me, my dears!  i hope your thursdays went smashingly.  : )  i think i'm spending the night at mom's tomorrow night so we can leave earlier for our weekend w/ thomas!  should be a blast! will let ya know, of course!! 


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