"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 25 – A first Day 26 – Your fears

Day 25 - A First
What first would you like to know about?  I'm gonna go for the humor on this one.  My first non-babysitting, non-family, non-college, actual paycheck with taxes taken out of it job.  Guess where?  Some of you might already know... Cashier at Wal-Mart.  Yup, I was your friendly checkout gal.  Woot!  *laugh*  Because I didn't know any better, really, I had such a fun time at that job!  (Okay, it's true, I've had fun at almost all of my 20-something jobs! I'm a fun kinda gal!)  The work was monotonous, sure.  I didn't smoke at the time & they insisted on sticking me on the cigarette register.  I had no idea what to give ppl when they would request them!  Really, it must have been comical, to watch from the outside as a customer pointed out, "That one.  No, one row up.  Now, over three.  Yes, that one!" as I fumbled around looking for something called PalMal.  LOL  At the time, all I could think was, "Dear Lord, why is it so HOT in here?"  heh.  I was there for a nice amount of time, and the most fun was when working the Speedy Checkouts near the doors.  This was pre-Super Centers, so there were only 4 or so Speedy Checkouts and one set of doors in & out (not counting Garden Center).  During the winter ppl wore gloves w/ the fingers cut out & jackets because the COOLLDD blast of air every time the doors opened was arctic.  *laugh*  When things were slow, and we had to "red line it" to hawk customers into our lines, we cashiers would chat & get to know each other & sometimes dance and sometimes play interesting games.  : )  

Day 26 - Fears
Oh...wow.  This is kinda a heavy one, eh?  I could play it off & tell you about my fear of falling (but I'm not afraid of heights!) or of those squirmy things ppl like to use as bait for fishing.  Or I could go the heavy way & tell you about my fear of not seeing my nieces & nephews grow up.  I'm not scared of dying, per se - I believe in the Lord's salvation, and I know that when I die, I'll be in Heaven with Him, with Daddy.  But knowing how hurt I am, how much I missed Grandpa Forrest growing up, and how much I miss Daddy now... I don't want to do that to Leyton, or my other kids!  I want to be around for a long, long time, to watch them grow up and graduate and get married and have kids if they choose to.  I want to live to be Great-Aunt Carrie.  That's the thing I pray for, that's the main reason I pray for health for myself.  


so, yeah!  wow.  now let's get on with the weekend fun portion of this post, shall we?  it's gonna include pictures because ... um... have we met?  lol  

saturday night, before all the going to bed at 11:30 & getting up at 1 business, we played.  one of leyton's favorite games is to play in the master shower.  idk why, but i suspect it's because it's a tiny enclosed space - like a closet, and don't you remember how much fun it was to play in those when you were little??  heck, if my closet floor was more free of clutter, i think it'd be the perfect place for a fort!  i might work on that soon... *laugh*  

last night i decided to let him stay on the couch.  i left the TV on w/ the dvd player's "screen saver" going all night.  he slept really well - woke me up around 8.  we snuggled & told stories for a little bit & then i convinced him to get dressed & let me get dressed.  we ate breakfast & then played a lovely game of BANZAI!  *laugh*  no, not the tree...

jumping is so much FUN!  after that, we looked at pictures on FB & then played on Google, looking up images of Thomas & his train pals.  it was really neat, to have leyton sitting on my lap & for him to be able to say, "i want to see..." and i could just type it in & bring up an unlimited supply of whatever he wanted to see!  after awhile, i found some thomas clips & things on youtube, and let him watch a couple while i got some laundry done.  then we headed out to WM so i could get a couple things & he could get a train.  

or, the plan was to get a train, but he has expensive tastes.  LOL  we had discussed which trains he wanted to get (we have a convenient check off sheet that came w/ Harold) & that we should start a collection for my house so he'd have them to play with here.  once we got to the train aisle, tho, he was all about the $20 toys!  i tried to get him back on track w/ the $6 trains we'd discussed, but it was a no go.  *laugh*  then we looked at cars, and i found a nice matchbox garbage truck that i figured i could have for my purse.  matchbox cars are awesome cuz they're just 97 cents!  : )  however, leyton decided he wanted a lego knight set, in some random decision that i still don't quite get.  since it was for my house, i said okay, cuz i don't care about little pieces.  (altho, having said that, i did just remember that he somehow lost 8 magnets that were in my drawer.  i let him play w/ them, so i can't be mad.  i'm just really confused as to how they completely disappeared in the 15 minutes he was playing with them!)  anyway, he ended up taking the matchbox truck home, because he wanted to take the legos & i knew jen wouldn't really like that... 

whew, that was quite longer than i thought!  *laugh*  when i got home, i just wanted to watch some hulu & veg out.  however, mom called right when i walked in the door, asking if i wanted to play cards at grammy's.  so... i did.  aunt jan & i lost.  :(  twice.  :(  ah well, it was fun times anyway, and i hadn't seen grammy in TOO LONG, so it was good to hang out.  : ) 

on my way home, i stopped at kwik shop for a diet pepsi, and mom stopped there for gas, and she asked if i wanted to go to You Again.  sure... so we came back here to check the times, which didn't work out.  boo!  but jen's going to TN next weekend to pick up anthony, and she's taking leyton w/ her (as of now that is the plan!) so we might try to go to the movie on saturday.  we'll see what happens, but i definitely want to see this show!  

tonight i watched Blue Bloods (yes, another new show, shush!) and really liked it!  then i caught up w/ last week's OLTL (seriously, how did Ford go from being dead, bludgeoned to death w/ his award, to only having been "attacked"?!?).  now i'm off to bed, to start another busy week in the AM.  thanks for reading, and don't forget to go leave a comment on the menu!  so far, there are only two, so one of them is going to win the $45 gift certificate to one of the many CSN websites!  : )  



  1. That is SO funny because I remember before I smoked I would go buy smokes for my boyfriend and I always worried I was getting the wrong kind :) I was so clueless back then too! :) Seems like so long ago!!
    One thing I love about you is your honesty and how "real" you are - I can relate to you SO much! Like your fear - I have those same fears! I know I have said this before, but I truly believe we could be really wonderful friends in "real" life :)

  2. *blush* Your comments tonight made me SMILE very big! : ) I am totally honored to call you friend, and think we'd have SO MUCH FUN hanging out IRL!!