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Thursday, 9 September 2010


wonderful day!  wonderful, blessed, amazing, fun, awesome day!  : )  

didn't start out so wonderfully... woke up slightly hungry, but really okay.  missed my exit & squeaked in to work late but not too badly!  seriously, construction messes me up, dude!  *laugh*  i totally forgot that my normal exit is closed, and was just driving on auto-pilot (i blame the hunger).  my 9 o'clock meeting was productive, i think.  i hope!  we'll see just HOW productive next week sometime.  : )  

labs were interesting.  apparently they didn't get the memo that it was a REdraw.  oye.  then my vein decided it was only giving one tube of blood & no more.  was kinda funny, actually, except that she kept digging the needle around trying to get the blood to flow again and it HURT.  : (  seriously, phlebotomists, that is NOT the way to do it.  oye.  

finally getting to eat something was NIIIIICE.  had a donut & some nachos.  doesn't sound healthy, but the nachos were fairly... LOL  i mean, meat & cheese is healthy!  unless you're vegan.  ; ) 

i have a story about finding the boss's birthiversary gift, but i'll wait to tell that until tomorrow.  

for now, i am just going to write about the zoo.  mom & leyton picked me up around 2:30 & we got gas & then went to the zoo.  

pretty neat photograph, by leyton!

i love this picture... and do you see what i mean??  

there's something goofy going on w/ my normal SD card - every time i put it into the camera, the safety lock goes down & so i have to keep taking it out & resetting it.  well, it was getting very frustrating, so i just put in my other SD card.  my normal one has about 700 pictures available, my other one only has about 150.  but it worked out okay for zoo pics!  

also, the very first thing i noticed when i got into the car - leyton looks all grown up!!!  idk if he has gotten taller or what - i just saw him saturday!  and i started to get all teary eyed, and mom said she had noticed the same thing today, and then leyton made us laugh because he said, "Aunt Carrie, you don't have to be sad because i'm growing up!"  oh my heck, how grown up and CUTE is that?!  lol  

once at the zoo, the first thing we did was ride the train.  why are there stars on this elephant's rump?  does anyone know?  

another photo by ljww  : ) 

we fed the duckies & leyton made friends w/ a hungry swan.  i know ppl say they're mean, but this one was perfectly nice!  

we saw monkeys & wallabies & lots of birds.  also some cute zoo workers.  : )  and there was the petting zoo, where last time leyton didn't want anything to do w/ the goats.  this time, he made some friends!!

my favorite goat was a little tiny one, he was so adorable!!  his horns were too cute!  : )  i had just been petting him, but then i gave in & fed him some & ewwww slimy goat tongue!  *laugh*  but he was still cute.  

we went to visit the giraffe's, but first had some fun w/ the friendly penguins.  mom called them over for a group picture, and 2 out of 3 obliged.  it was seriously hilarious - she said, "okay, guys, group picture!" and two of them started going towards each other & then were hanging out looking at the camera!!  

and then it was time for my favorite animal at the zoo (aside from the tortoises & turtles, of course)... 

they were being VERY photogenic today!  and they have FIVE now!  two babies!  soooo adorable, baby anything.  one of these days i will get to pet one.  i want to hug their long necks, kinda like leyton did on the dinosaur.  i don't know that i'll ever get to be THAT close to a giraffe, but it's a dream...

after the zoo, we went to happy joe's/rudy's tacos for dinner.  i had a delicious quesadilla!  : )  leyton had fun w/ the games, but only ate 1/2 his lil joe.  mom had a yummy pasta bake.  mmmm!  

prizes he got w/ his tickets.  those tops are pretty cool!

after dinner, we went to mom's so she could set her vcr to tape BB.  while there, she sorta ran into her carport and dented the van.  d'oh!!  

then we were off to fedex office (aka kinko's) so mom could make a copy of leyton's handprint that he made in pre-school.  leyton & i played on the business card computer while mom took care of business.  quite a fun little field trip!!  

then they dropped me at home so i could watch BB & chat w/ april, read some blogs, write my beliefs blog and this one, watch AGT (all my faves made top 4, i am so happy!) and white collar (oh my heck, so so so soooooo good!!) and GH.  and.... now it's time for bed!  ; )  

TGIF tomorrow!  gonna be a busy day, but should also be a fun one, and then it's the weekend!  leyton'll be over at mom's, so i think we'll be hanging out on saturday.   : )  i hope you had many blessings & things to be thankful for this thursday!  TTFN!  

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