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Thursday, 23 September 2010

sounds like...

I needed music today.  I don’t listen to music at work a lot, because I normally am not bothered by the sounds around the office.  I actually use them to know what’s going on, ya know??  When I worked where I worked before my current job, music was my constant refuge!  There was always whispering going on, and ½ the time I felt like it was about me – only ¼ of the time was that true, probably, but I did have reasons for thinking so!!  To escape from the stress this caused me, I had a whole CD collection & headphones to plug in to my computer.  Alanis if I was mad, Yanni to calm me down, Phil or Def Leppard or Metallica to chill with.  I always feel like I type faster when listening to music.  Whether that is truth or merely perception, I do not know!  I just know that when I can focus on the music in the background, it helps me concentrate on what I’m working on!  *laugh
Today there was just a lot of CHATTER going on, and I didn’t really feel well, either, so it was extra annoying!  I just wanted everyone to SHUT UP! 
I broke out the Glee soundtracks, then Phil, then the boss opened his door & he was listening to muzak while on hold for a meeting, and it made me want to listen to my main musical squeeze (tied for 1st place w/ Phil of course!), Yanni!  : )  I didn’t think I had any Yanni here, tho, and was sad …. Then I remembered I have his Ethnicity CD in my drawer.  WOOT!  Listening to that CD, I started to feel better… : ) 

*** auto caps OFF ***

and then, i got to meet mom & leyton at chick fil a, and all was once again right with the world!  : ) 


leyton went back & forth about the cow.  he loved the cow & wanted him to come visit again.  then he was scared of the cow & didn't want him anywhere near us.  then he was back to loving the cow (because the cow kept high-fiving him!  LOL).  i was happy when the cow made leyton happy, because I love the cow & wanted him to be around us!!  LOL 

there were two guys & their daughter sitting near us.  she was about 2, i think.   her dress was beautiful!  and the patterns looked like they might've come from Hawthorne Threads, which i just LOVE.  i wish i sewed, because i would love to make things w/ the fabrics they find.  they're unique and fun.  : )  anyway, as we were leaving, i told her dad (one of her dads?   honestly, idk if these two were together or just friends, i just got an impression that they were both gay, but even then that doesn't mean they were together, so at any rate, i apologize for any generalizations should one or both of them ever come across this blog & they weren't together.  whew!) that i loved her dress & he said her grandma made it (and many others) for her.  so, it very well could have been material from HT!  : )  

oh, there was also a balloon guy there, as evidenced by the blue sword leyton requested.  sadly, the balloon sword did not survive the trip home.  : (  

once we all got to mom's, leyton set up some train tracks & i played papparazzi!  my favorite activity... LOL  

we also played firefighter, which i don't have pictures of because i didn't want to hit leyton in the head w/ the camera as i was rescuing him!  heh.  then it was bath time & i had to come home & now i'm here wondering if i have time to watch something on hulu or if i should just wait til tomorrow night?  i am actually enjoying the silence right now - tho silence is a relative turn.  the A/C is going and the dishwasher is washing and every once in awhile the smoke alarm in the guest room beeps letting me know that i have STILL not replaced its battery.  d'oh!  

and now i must go and publish the give away on my menu.  please stop over & follow the link to CSN's site, then leave a comment there to be entered in the drawing!  $45 gift certificate is on the line, ppl!  you know you wanna look!  : )  

TGIF tomorrow and TTFN!

i also received two postcrossings today, and a letter from one of my visiting teachers.  woot!!  happy mail!

from berlin  

from Connecticut!  

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