"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 17 – Your favorite memory Day 18 – Your favorite birthday Day 19 – Something you regret

hello!  i'm back from my weekend adventure w/ mom & leyton!  i missed some 30 days of me days, so let's make up & then i have some pictures & stories to share from the weekend!  : )  

Day 17 - My Favorite Memory
Seriously?!  i can't pick just one!  i have too many niece & nephew births, birthday parties, firsts, weddings, vacations - how on earth could i pick?!  i can't say that my first roller coaster ride was more important than my first time going to Cedar Point.  i can't say that going to the fair with my grandparents was more important than any of my daddy-daughter dates.  or choose one of the daddy daughter dates?  every day has a new favorite memory, and that's what i'm sticking with.  : )  

Day 18 - My Favorite Birthday
ohhh, goodness!  *laugh*  my 18th was pretty fun.  mom & my friends threw me a surprise party.  i was completely unaware, until erin spilled the beans a few days before the party.  she was so excited, and came up to me in the hall as we were all waiting to go into a class.  "we'll be there friday!"  i think she hadn't been sure if she'd make it & was happy that she would be able.  i was confused, because my plans for that friday were to hang out w/ juli & watch movies.  suddenly, we were swarmed.  juli, renee, georgette.  juli & renee took erin aside, gette & i went to the loo.  i was still confused!  *laugh* but then i asked & gette confirmed, there was a surprise party planned.  yay!  wanna know something really funny, tho?  I FORGOT ABOUT IT!  it totally would have been a surprise, even after that, except then in class on friday, lucky turned around & asked what time he was supposed to be at juli's that night.  LOL  some ppl pounced on him, too, and i played it off that i didn't know what he meant.  

the party itself was wonderful.  it was at juli's, and i think my whole class plus more were there, we had cake & all sorts of good food, of course!  : )  at one point, the guys all serenaded me w/ a country song, which was so cute!  there was an awesome video made, which unfortunately has been lost to time.  *sigh*  i miss that video!  it also had footage from our senior trip to dauphin island, alabama.  i do have a couple photos from that party, but not a lot of clear ones, unfortunately!  

me w/ phil & w/ juli. 18.  i kinda miss it!  : )  

Day 19 - Something I Regret
hmmm.  it's well known that i try to live my life w/o regrets.  altho i can be impulsive, more often i think things through quite a lot before making a decision.  i do regret the friendships i've lost, the way the holly situation went down - altho i can't think of anything i could have done differently there, other than being more firm on expectations from the beginning.  i think because i have kept so many friendships for so long, i miss the ones that didn't survive more, ya know?  

that should cover it til tomorrow!  lol  




  1. What sweet pictures of you from your 18th birthday! :) That's so nice of your mom and friends to throw you a surprise party (even if it wasn't quite a surprise after all haha) :)

  2. *laugh* Thanks! And yeah, good group of ppl there! Heh.