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Monday, 27 September 2010

Giveaway, Part II

Hello bloggies!  How are you this evening?  Did you know that I am a ditz?  Or, rather, I have ditzy properties.  I'm okay with it, really.  : )  In order to make up for some of that, I give you - the actual giveaway post from the Menu blog!  How special do you feel right now?  You don't even have to click over to it!  It would, however, be mondo cool if you could click over to the website & take a look, and then leave a comment with what you like best.  : ) 

I was recently contacted with an opportunity to share something fun with my readers.  It's not exactly a menu item, but they do have a kitchen website!  And I'm allowed to shake it up once in awhile in the name of free stuff, right??  : )  

Do you like to shop?  I like to shop!  I especially love to shop for bedding.  I have 7 pillows and at least that many blankets, and I'm always looking for more!  When I received this email, offering to give something free to my readers, I had to check out the website for bed sets. It's part of a really neat group of sites, carrying everything from kitchen supplies (like this spice box!) to furniture to PURSES!  : )  

This particular site, tho, is dedicated to all things bedroom.  

I like this blanket, and it's a really good price!  There are several lovely quilts & blankets, pillows & throws that I really enjoyed!  

Check out the link, see some things you like, then come back here & tell me about them in the Comments section!  Using a random number generator I'll pick one of them to win a $45 gift certificate which can be used on ANY item on ANY CSN site (not including shipping, which is okay, and you can find free shipping on several items as well)!!  How neat is that?!  

So, go my lovies!  Click on the link, peruse the site, and tell me what item (or items) made you smile!  I'll be accepting comments through sometime Sunday, and announcing the winner on Monday.  Comments are open to non-followers, so please make sure I know how to contact you should you win!  : )  

Just to give you a chance to look things over & all, I'm extending the giveaway til Wednesday.  You're welcome!  



  1. That site is so awesome :) I love it when websites have a variety of stuff.

  2. I'm totally w/ ya on that one, Jen! Thanks for stopping by, and I love your re-use of candles! NEAT idea!