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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 04 – What you ate today

LOL  this one made me laugh.  what did i eat today?  nothing exciting - some oyster crackers, bowl of strawberry (flavored, LOL, jana!) mini wheats, a few bites of leftover pumpkin curry, a cheeseburger and 2 small pieces of sausage pizza from casey's, a couple apple slices...  oh, also some orange kool aid, mt dew and water.  see?  boring!  the pizza was good, tho.  love casey's pizza!  


so... my tummy's sore from all the coughing & sneezing & nose blowing.  apparently i use odd muscles when doing those things?  is that normal?  *laugh*  i guess if it's normal then i'm not using "odd" muscles?  idk!  but it hurts!!  

i did go over to play w/ leyton tonight, tho, and had lots of fun!!  we were mostly outside because the weather was gorgeous.  : )  

playing in the sand is hard work and takes lots of concentration! ; ) 
a previously unknown talent of leyton's - starting daddy's car!  
of course, he's always loved keys/ignitions, so it shouldn't surprise me.  : ) 
is it just me, or do those look like a bunch of little tornadoes??  
they weren't, but that's what they made me think of.  

how far can i kick this balloon?  in sandals?  hmmm... 

oh, prior to that, i went to the PO to mail a package & some cards, and had an interesting line experience!  my friend carol's mom was in line behind me, so we got to chat for awhile.  then she was able to skip outta line (she needed something that she didn't need to pay for?) & the guy behind her was kinda chatty.  it was a long line and he brought up a very good point about it being the saturday before a holiday & shouldn't they be fully staffed to avoid long lines?  they only had 2 ppl working a 4-spot counter... 

i watched Eddie and Serenity this afternoon & read last week's People.  got this week's and a postcard in the mail today.  : ) 

and now, i'll either be going to bed early (weird how that happens - i COULD stay up however late i wanted to, but knowing that i have two more days off takes the pressure off.  LOL) or reading for awhile & then going to bed.  hope your saturday was beautiful & fun!  


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