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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

shiny new toys

so, after work yesterday i went to the best buy - well, but first i went to sonic for a cranberry diet coke.  and the gal there knows me now, because apparently i'm the only one ever who has ordered this particular drink?  which, hey, works for me.  i like it!  : )  was just funny because when she handed me the drink, she said, "are you SURE these two things go together?"  lol  yes, yes they do.  

after sonic i went to the best buy & my plan was to look at an ipod touch, because last night i googled & it looked like the thing i wanted.  basically, i need a new purse camera & i'd been thinking of getting a new phone. to do both would cost about $250 or $300, depending on if i could find a good deal on the kind of phone and camera i wanted.  so i thought i'd just look at the virgin mobile phones & see what they had to offer in an upgrade.  

i have to take a moment to give kudos to the dude who helped me out.  he answered my questions, found a sample phone for me to look at since there wasn't one on display, and just generally was actually HELPFUL - without making me feel like i was wasting his time, which unfortunately sometimes happens at the best buy.  so, i ended up getting an LG Optimus V.  and so far i really like it!  it is a touch screen w/o a keyboard - only because the touch screen w/ keyboard phone was quite a bit more than this one!  it has the apps that i want, i can listen to music (oh, pandora, love you!), get to fb, and it's an android so it's connected to my google account.  woot!  : )  

so, i was all set, and then i headed home.  carol came over (friend carol not aunt carol) to drop off girl scout cookies & then we visited for a couple hours, which was way nice!  AND she said if there are still $20 tickets to barry manilow available, she'll go w/ me!!!  *bounce*  now i just have to remember to call the venue during business hours tomorrow... i called at 8 this morning & they don't open til 10 & then my day was ca-razy and so i forgot to call back.  whoopsies!  

i didn't get to bed until WAY LATE last night, and then JUST as i got to sleep, i was awakened by the howling wind & driving rain pelting my house.  and the thunder was loud, too.  it's winter, right?  it felt like a spring or summer storm.  kinda nutty!  so then i reallllly did not want to get out of bed this morning!  *laugh*  but i did, and work went well & it was a pretty good day.  : )  my wall-mate went to adolph's for lunch & brought me back some chips & SALSA.  deliciousness!  she's a good friend!  

AFTER work, i met mom & the boys at CFA for dinner.  leyton came & gave me a great big hug, which was super sweet.  mom & anthony ooh'd & ahh'd over the new phone.  then anthony pulled out his ipod touch & wanted to play pass & play words w/ friends w/ me.  so that was neat.  : )  suddenly, mom gasped & started tapping the glass to the play area to get leyton's attention.  "why?" you ask?  well, because THE COW was there!  : )  we weren't expecting to see the cow!  leyton came tearing out of the play area to say hello.  i WISH i would have managed a picture of his expression, because it was super cute and suuuper excited!!  : ) the cow high fived us & hugged leyton & very kindly had a pantomime conversation w/ mom as she tried to figure out just what time mr cow (again, MR cow?  a cow is, by definition, a girl...but that's what leyton calls "him" so i guess we all just go w/ it.  i did try to explain it once, but then i think i saw the cow referred to as a he on a CFA site (i could be wrong)...) was generally at the restaurant... *laugh*  

being mr cow is HOT work & he followed us out (to leyton's utter delight) to get some fresh air.  

mom took the boys home & i came home to jammie up, and then i headed to her house for survivor.  good ep, but boy those girls still are dumb.  i don't even care that they (wait, no spoilers!).  anyway, they are just not thinking strategically & it drives me batty!  i stayed to watch the next-to-finale episode of top chef texas, had a short bread cookie & then came home.  to charge my phone because i'd been playing w/ it so much that it was begging me to plug it in.  no, literally - little notes kept popping up, "please charge your phone now.  the battery is at 10%."  heh  or, as i like to read it, "please, woman, plug me in!  i'm dyin' here!"  *laugh*  

oh, speaking of playing w/ the phone... i made my first accidental call this evening, too.  i was trying to figure something out w/ my FB contact info & somehow hit my friend andrea's name & ... all of a sudden her name pops up on the screen, so i said, "hello?"  and she said, "hello?"  and then after the pleasantries there were crickets & i asked sheepishly if i had called her... LOL  it was hilarious!  glad she's good ppl!  (well, duh, why would i have the number of not good ppl in my phone?  silly!)

ahhh.  so, that is my novel for today!  and yesterday, since i apparently fell asleep before posting then.  LOL 

i hope you're have a great week & that your leap day was FABULOUS!  : )  



  1. Glad you like your new phone.

    Have you been keeping up with GH? Some from OLTL are starting to cross over. So sad about Robin. :(

    1. thanks, b! yes, am loving the OLTL crossover except they killed hope & cole! wth?!?! and robin! agh! i have loved kimberly since she was a little tyke!