"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 2 February 2012

i love thursdays!

happy thursday!  did you have a good day?

mine was filled w/ meetings & timecard issues & other fun stuff.  some revelations about ppl i thought i knew - it's always interesting to learn how ppl treat others differently.  like - you are friends w/ someone & they're nice to you & they like you, but to ppl they might not like they are just awful.  sometimes i don't know how to reconcile that.  are they faking being nice?  is the person/ppl they don't like really that bad?  do they mean well & are just being misunderstood?

who knows!  i guess we can't really know, unless we ask, of course.  personally, i choose to be grateful for the family/friends/co-workers/bosses i've been blessed with, and keep praying for blessings - for me & them!!  : )  

w/ the meetings & some really tough timecard things, i called it a day at 5 instead of 5:30, and headed to trish's.  SURPRISE - megan & her kids, and matt & his finacee & her son were all there.  they'd stopped by to get deer meat & decided to stay for dinner.  it was nice to see them - i hadn't seen megan in a couple months & missed her!!  her daughter arianna was shy around me at first, but at the end of the night she gave me a hug & kiss.  awww!  : )  trish made grilled chicken & baked sweet potato & veggies & stuff.  it was mmmm good!  i love the taste of grilled food!  and also sweet potatoes.  LOL  

the kids all left around 7:30 & trish, al & i watched the end of american idol & then THE show, secret circle!  reallly love the show!  i also really enjoy the mentalist, which is on at 9, but i had to get going.  i stopped at casey's & got home at 9:30.  

watched the most recently available ep of Endgame and yesterday's GH.  bret stopped by to pick up his w2's.  oh, i got the mail & had a lovely postcrossing from california.  : )  now i'm off to beddy-bye!  : )  

tomorrow will be busy w/ claims, since monday is payroll cutoff.  and also more timecard stuff, i'm sure.  am waiting for some answers on a couple things, which i will hopefully get tomorrow... 

after work i will need to get some shopping done for my secret cupid exchange, which i'll need to mail on saturday... heh.  anywhoo!  TTFN!  : )   

and TGIF!

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