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Thursday, 1 March 2012

green car, i love you!

my chloe is green, and i do love her.  tonight i saw another green car that made me weak in the knees, tho.  i had to go to take my movies back tonight, and as i was leaving, a green camaro, kinda like THIS one but w/o stripes & i think it was a different shade of green LOL, pulled in to the parking lot.  i wanted to stop right there & go drool over it.  now, aside from corvettes, i am not really a car person.  i mean, i appreciate them, and have my favorites, but unless it's a corvette, i don't go "ooooh!"  generally.  oh, or certain semi trucks, but that's a different story... or the same story, as part of the reason why i even know what a camaro looks like is because of transformers... *laugh*  

ANYWAY!  this story is getting rambly (what did you expect?  its's me telling it!).  

so, drooled over the car, left the parking lot, and stopped at a stop light - and pulled up next to me was the car!!  i mouthed "cool car" and smiled over to the driver - who i then noticed happened to be CUTE & i got flustered because i didn't want him to think i was hitting on him while admiring his car... (as georgette pointed out, boys always see any compliment to their car as hitting on them... heh)  hopefully he at least got that i was complimenting his car & not that i was some crazy lady.  oye.  (not going to over think it, but if i see that car again, i am getting a picture!)

it's another late night.  good day at work, grateful for the help i was able to give ppl!  : )  after work, i headed to the venue to get my barry manilow tix.  i called a friend from college on the way, and we chatted for quite awhile.  i parked in the parking lot & thought i would be able to make it in.. but we kept talking... right on thru closing time!  d'oh!  it was great to talk to him, but now i have to go back there tomorrow to get the tickets & hopefully there will be some left!!  : )  

i went to trish's after that, and i thought i was late (well, i was later than i said i'd be there by about 15 minutes), but the kids were there & the grandkids, so dinner wasn't quite ready yet, so it was all good!  : )  al grilled turkey burgers & trish baked french fries & we had green beans as well.  YUMMY!  we watched big bang theory & rob (sort of - the grandkids were quite rambuncsious!!  *laugh*  however you spell that.  the kids came to pick up their kids & left around 8.  : )  then we watched person of interest (pretty good again) & a new show, Awake.  i really like that one!  i think it has a lot of potential... 

now i'm home & going to watch some GH & then BED.  tired tired!!  

hope your day went well!  : ) 


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